The off-Life Show, which is prepared by Turkey’s Life Coach Murat Çuhadar, will be preformed for the first time in Turkey, combines psychology with humor. The art of non-life performance will give a new impulse into your off-Life life.

One of the most assertive one-man show of the year, named “Relationships and Contradictions”;  is preparing to drop like a bomb on the agenda as a tragi-comical! Relations and Contradictions will start at Profilo Show Center on the evening of September 28 and Its calendar is starting to become clear.

Murat Çuhadar will meet his audience in Kırklareli, Edirne and Çorlu immediately after Istanbul as part of his show tour.

Murat Çuhadar, who has mentioned his name and achievements with many social responsibility projects he has carried out so far, looks like he will make a great shows at the stage through combines his education and experience.

In the following days, the coach is going to prepare his show program in many countries such as America, Germany, Switzerland, after the tour of Turkey.