Great Success Thanks To Export To More Than 50 Countries..

Yurtbay Seramik initially started producing floor and wall tiles and then added new items to its product line over time such as glazed granite, technical granite, curbstone, decor, small size ceramics, frit, mosaic, mosaic panels, ceramics adhesives and building isolation materials. The company is one of the top brands both in Turkey and abroad. Yurtbay Seramik exports its products to a wide range of countries including Germany, Spain, Moldova and Greece. We talked about Yurtbay Seramik’s success and future goals with the company’s Vice Chairman of the Board, İlter Yurtbay..

Can you please tell us about your company and its operations?

Of course.. Founder and Chairman of the Board of Yurtbay Group of Companies Zeki Yurtbay founded Yurtbay Seramik factory in Eskisehir in 1995. The original factory comprised 700 thousand m2 outdoor and 100 thousand m2 indoor production facility. With our strategy of “quality comes first”, we expanded our export markets to include 50 countries over the years. We started working with the world’s leading sales chains and we achieved export levels that are much higher than the sector’s average. Our motto of “Persistent quality, right product and production at world standards”, is the key to our international success. In Turkey we distribute our products all across the land via 5 regional directorates in İstanbul, Ankara, Adana, Antalya and İzmir. We work non-stop to increase the number of our stores and to expand our distribution network. As the brand that “combines its inspiration from nature with art”, we produce our products with unique designs using the latest digital technology products. Today we have become a brand that the whole sector follows closely and we are proud to have become one of the leading international producers. Our exports make up almost half of our total production. We offer an extremely wide product range as a result of product diversity to meet different customer preferences in different countries and in Turkey.

How did your company perform in the last years? Can you please tell us about your company’s goals for future?

Our sector continued to grow and expand in the last years as well. We believe that the next years also will be good both for our country and Yurtbay Seramik in spite of the possible difficulties. In our sector where ceramics products have better prices and quality compared to international markets, we believe that domestic market will continue to grow. With the commissioning of our new factory last year, we plan to increase the production capacity and to increase the number of our dealers to above 200. We’ll maintain our goal of becoming the leader of the Turkish ceramics industry. While investing in R&D studies, we’ll continue to follow technological developments closely and offer unique designs to consumers. We’ll also maintain our production philosophy that emphasizes respect for the environment.

Can you inform us about your R&D studies and the role of the studies in your success?

We’ve been developing continuously the design side of our business since the day we were established. In Turkish ceramics industry, the emphasis is usually on production and design comes mostly from the foreign markets. But for Yurtbay Seramik this is equal to each other. And in terms of commercial success, I can say that our designs bring greater success. Ceramics is a very dynamic industry because it contains an element of fashion. Every industry with an element of fashion is considered to be dynamic. Everything changes in short terms. You need to launch a new product almost every month. Our design department comprises both R&D and product development units. Without launching a new product every month, the demand becomes obsolete. That is why we follow the developments abroad closely with field visits.

Can you please tell us about your production capacity and new investments?

We have really a very large area of factory with added indoor production facilities. We always plan to extend our work and production capacities. There are hundreds of people who are on work in our factories. In addition, we aim to reflect our increased production capacity to our sales.

What are the products in your line? 

Our factory is located in Eskişehir. Currently we are able to produce any kind of product needed by the sector at Yurtbay Seramik facilities. Being able to meet all customer needs through a single channel brings a major advantage in terms of sales but it also brings a big burden with regards to major capital and production capacity. But because we want to be in control of our quality, we produce all materials needed for ceramic production in house. Over time we added to our product line, which initially comprised floor and wall tiles, glazed granite, technical granite, curbstone, decor, small size ceramics, frit, mosaic, mosaic panel, ceramics adhesives, and building isolation materials. In addition we produce our own electricity at our co-generation facilities.

Which are your export markets? 

Abkhazia, Germany, USA, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Algeria, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Dominique Republic, Palestine, Finland, France, Ghana, Georgia, India, The Netherlands, Iraq, UK, Ireland, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Canada, Montenegro, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Korea, Kosovo, Kuwait, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Liberia, Libya, Lebanon, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Egypt, Moldova, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Oman, Jordan, Yemen and Greece are the countries which are among Yurtbay Seramik’s export markets..