Company Owner Haşim Çetin: “We will go beyond of the limits in export"… 

Having created difference in cleaning materials with its products design, Çetin Plastik sells 70 % of its products in domestic markets and exports 30 % of its products to overseas markets. With planning to rise its exports next year largely, Çetin Plastik will push the limits in export.

Çetin Plastik is noteworthy for its brand and product investments while dealing with production and marketing activities in this field since 1988. Research and Development efforts are very important for Çetin Plastik, because the company realizes its product designs “in-house”. The firm is closely monitoring developments and new technologies in this sector with its utility model designs and trademark products Flora and Floset. Haşim Çetin, as the company owner of Çetin Plastik said that they apply the new innovations meticulously in their works. He spoke as follows: “Our company has been integrated into the total quality management system with all units and departments carrying out its duty with its  strong team and infrastructure.”

We have interviewed Mr. Haşim Çetin about the success and the sectoral performance of Çetin Plastik which nearly extends to 30 years.

First of all, can you assess the performance of Çetin Plastik in the last years? And what are your goals for future?

Our company always steps further to reach its targets. In spite of all the cyclical  difficulties in domestic and international areas, we broke into new markets resolutely and with patience. Our R&D department, also Planning and Production and Delivery departments cooperated for this reason. In near future, it is among our basic goals to increase our efficiency while maintaining the growing trend we have shown in the past and to be always ahead with the support of the newest technologie and so to get the highest level of customer satisfaction without compromising quality.

çetin plastik floraCan you give information about your production capacity?

As a general average,  we produce various kinds of household and industrial plastic products at an amount of 35-40 million units annually in our factory. Each year, we plan new technological investments to increase this capacity between 5-10 % .

We know that you are a successful company. What is your product range?

Our industrial product range consists of our brand Flosoft. These are paper towels, liquid soap dispensers and also napkins. And as under the Flora brand, we have household cleaning products. They are cleaning buckets, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, floor wiper, various brushes, bath accessories, carpet sweepers etc.

Are you going to release new products to foreign markets this year?

We pay attention to create practical designs and different models of multipurpose use. New design products should save time and be high-colored. We offer our domestic products to our customers abroad during the fairs including Ambiente. In additon, our new model studies keep on going without any break.

çetin plastick floraWhat is the market share of your production in domestic and foreign markets?

70 % of our production is sent to domestic consumers  and 30 % of our production is sent to our foreign customers. We aim to rise our export rate..

At the moment, which countries do you export mainly to? And which are your target countries?

The vast majority of our export takes place to Middle East, North Africa, Turkic Republics, Europe, Far East and to Russia. We are also condensing our contacts in North and South America, and in sub-Saharan Africa to increase the number of the countries..

What do you want to add?

Our Flora and Flosoft brands show a clear stance in the market and have gained already the trust of the customers. Thanks to having R&D and Molding departments in-house, using first-class raw materials and implementing the quality assurance system of ISO 9001:2008 of TSEK, we can ensure the quality of our products. Our customer-oriented company, performing prompt and timely production and delivery and also renewing itself constantly in the globalized world, is among the most successful companies in this industry sector.