The new goal of Çilek Furniture is to reach 1100 stores across the world until the year 2023. The company serves at about 450 sales points in more than 66 countries and in 5 continents at the moment.. Çilek continues its travel which started in 1995 by designing dream rooms for kids and teens. Under Çilek Room Concept, the company produces 500 various products per year under 20 different series including joyful and thematic furniture and accessories for babies, kids and teens. We had an amusing conversation with Talha Çilek, as the Board Member of Çilek Furniture about their success, vision and the future goals..

-Can you introduce us Çilek Furniture briefly and tell us about your activities?

The adventure of Çilek started in early 90s. In this period, Muzaffer, Mustafa and Muharrem Çilek brothers came together for the same purpose who were all with different job experiences. My father and my uncles wanted to find a new area for themselves in furniture sector. Because they had figured out that kids’ and teens’ room categories were disregarded both in Turkey and also in the world. Therefore, they decided to develop themselves in this field. On this purpose, they made some researches and studies. Correspondingly, the trademark “Çilek” was born in 1995 which we had as family name. Çilek introduced kids’ room culture for people in domestic and foreign markets. Then Çilek started to design room concepts dreamed by kids and teenage girls/ boys instead of plain, ordinary, unexciting furniture with same color available in the market. Within the years, Çilek placed itself as a world brand that managed to obtain some market share by attending to foreign fairs even during its first year. And today, Çilek Furniture is the leading brand in its sector which rises upon the realization of the ideas for special design and production to meet the needs of certain age groups all around the world.

-How about the performance and new goals of Çilek Furniture?

Çilek Room Concept has 500 various products under 20 different series including joyful and thematic furniture and accessories for babies, kids and teens. Çilek produces 500 000 goods per year at its factory in İnegöl which has 50.000 m2 closed area.. In recent years, we have opened tens of new stores in domestic market and reached nearly 200 stores in total. The rate of our growth has increased accordingly until this time. And in foreign markets, we opened tens of new stores in the last years too. But this is not enough for us. That is why we plan to open more and more stores to gain a much better growth figure in domestic sales and in foreign sales as well.   

-Could you give us information about your R&D studies? What kind of new products did you release into the market during the recent years?

As we put a great emphasis on innovation, we have a committee which was established in this regard. Çilek Innovation Committee is acting as a roof organization on all the processes for improvement and development. It takes decisions and makes appointments in this sense. All the activities carried out to establish an Innovation Center (R&D Center) are also considered as a project drawn by this committee. In addition, we rised up the top places among the other firms in ranking of the most innovative companies (InovaLIG: Innovation League) where Turkey’s innovation leaders identified and organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) last years. Çilek performs technological innovations which are among the essentials of our lives to harmonize it with our furniture. Our company became the first manufacturer of smart furniture in Turkey. Within our special design series, there is a technical mechanism inside our beds and worktables. Due to this mechanism, kids and teenage girls/boys can easily listen to music and/or sound recordings of their lessons they transferred via Bluetooth or they uploaded in their USB memory sticks. As an outstanding brand, Çilek aims to do the best through its R&D and innovation studies. The company continues to produce dreams for all children across the world.

-What is the biggest dream of Çilek now?

Up to now, Çilek realized many of its year-end targets and opened new stores all over the world. In any corner of the world, you can come across a Çilek store. It serves at about 450 sales points in more than 66 countries and in 5 continents. We strive to reach 1100 stores which is our goal until the year 2023. I can say that this is the biggest dream for us.