“Act together and achieve the success!”

We met with Burak Başeğmezler as the Member of the Board of Management in Teksan Generator. The company made big progress in energy sector due to its hybrid technologies and alternative solutions where over we caught the chance to interview him about the success of the firm.

— When and how did you start with this job? What is your field of activity? And can you introduce your products a bit to us?

In 1994, Abdülkadir Teksan and Özdemir Ata founded Deniz Engineering Company in Tuzla which was only a small workshop then. This company reached an important point in the market within a very short time. Two years later in 1996, they renamed and entitled it as Teksan Generator and Electricity Trade Company. Özcan Başeğmezler also joined in the partnership in 1998. Thus today, Teksan Generator continues its activities in partnership of Ata, Başeğmezler and Teksan families. As Teksan Generator, we have been serving more than 22 years in energy sector with our uninterrupted power solutions. Besides providing services in Turkish market, we export our innovative products to more than 120 countries. It is of a great importance for us to provide employment for inland and to provide added value to boost the country’s economy. At the moment, our company employs 700 people approximately. In Free Trade Zone of Kocaeli, we started production in our second factory also. After being started to work at full capacity in the new plant, we estimate that our annual production will exceed 15 000 units. In addition, we plan to realize a significant increase in the number of employees by having nearly 1000 people all together on work. Thanks to our effective infrastructure of engineering and our technology, we take a leading part in the industry. In addition to diesel generator sets which were launched as our first products, there are other outstanding innovative solutions in our range such as natural and biogas generator sets, cogeneration and trigeneration power packs, mobile lighting towers and hybrid power systems, which is the first of its kind in Turkey. We use the world’s leading engine and alternator brands, which have the latest-technology, in our products. Plus, we have latest technologies such as remote monitoring, smart battery management and hybrid power systems. Actually, we are one of the few companies in the World that can use hybrid technologies at the moment.   

— What makes you different from the others? What can you say about it?

Customer satisfaction comes first among our priorities. We reorganize all our structure in this way. Furthermore, we apply a structured quality policy not only in our products but also in our after-sale services. Thus, we differentiate in the competition. We have 10 regional directorate and nearly 20 dealers. Thanks to our experienced team, we provide services for more than 40 thousand points per year. We use our technology to innovate sustainable energy solutions. Our Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems, Hybrid Generator Sets and New Hybrid Lighting Towers stand out among our products. We have also Teksan Mini Generator sets for individual usage which are portable, safe and practical to run. These diesel and gasoline generator sets provide high performance, low fuel consumption and long durability. Taxi Generator is another solution we supply. The short and long term need for rental generator sets to be used by companies, construction projects, major entertainments and sporting events can be met by our rental brand, Taxi Generator.

— “People come first.. We believe that the people, as the subject of the life, deserve the best. We develop all our relationships in love, respect, loyalty and dedication axis” you say on your website. What is the influence of this principle in your success?

We believe that only the companies which give priority to the happiness of people, can be successful. Productive working environment can be established only through happy workers. In line with this, we work hard to create an environment for our employees where they can feel themselves peaceful. Our customers, employees and our business partners deserve to be treated highly esteemed. In addition, we are an accessible brand, and this is the essence of our trustwothy relationship we construct with our customers and business partners.  

— Energy politics is considered to be one of the most determining criteria for the world’s dominant powers. As a company operating in the energy sector, are you satisfied with your current position? What are your new goals?

The need for the energy is growing everyday. As you have just pointed out, energy has a very important position in the world’s politics as well. Energy resources, which are being depleted, are not sufficient for the population of 7 billion. We import 72% of our total energy. A large part of the current account deficit stems from the imported energy. The researchers foresee that Turkey’s population will approach 95 million until the year of 2050 which will also make the energy demand increase in parallel. That is why we need to find alternative energy solutions. As Teksan Generator, one of the most important agenda items of us is renewable energy sources. While creating solutions for today’s needs, we are questioning what tomorrow will bring and how can we serve better. So, we lead our efforts in this direction. 

— Could you inform us about your R&D studies?

To achieve our growth targets and in order to maintain our competitive advantage in the world markets, we make significant investments in R&D researches and in technology. Until today, we have realized many outstanding projects. And we will keep on working with the same determination. We have climbed up 39 stages and reached 97th place in national R&D rankings. We believe that our projects and innovations will gain momentum when our R&D Center starts to operate. In Turkey, it is compulsory to set up CogenerationTrigeneration systems in state hospitals with a capacity of more than 200 beds. We established the first domestic Cogeneration System in our Istanbul factory in 2007, and successfully installed many cogeneration systems in various state hospitals so far. Furthermore, our cogeneration systems are being used in different geographical places such as Kazakhstan and Nigeria too. We introduced our hybrid power system, which was the first of its kind in Turkey, to the market in 2016. We are among the very few manufacturers in the world that innovate hybrid technologies. As an eco-friendly solution, system delivers a significant saving in fuel consumption up to 65%, thanks to the integration with the renewable energy sources especially in remote areas where there is no-grid. We have developed an efficient and sustainable green technology with lower energy costs which has been used mainly in telecom projects, agricultural projects, construction sites, events, and in disaster reliefs where electrical network does not exist. These models reduce heat, carbon and noise emission and are being supported by Remote Monitoring&Management system. Thanks to GSM and internet technologies it has, system allows us to track the performance, to control and to intervene the products on the field remotely in case of emergencies without bursting upon the scene. Besides that, we have innovated Hybrid Lighting Tower which is suitable for use in no-grid areas. This system, which is ideal for the illumination of the projects whose working sites are subject to change frequently such as constructions and infrastructural improvements, reduces fuel consumption at a rate of 73%, thanks to the integration with renewable energy sources and the Smart Battery Management System it has.

— What can you say about the level of your domestic production, market and export shares? And which are your priority fields and targets in 2017?

Our domestic market share is about 25%. Thanks to the systems we innovated, Teksan Generator is among the leading companies not only in Turkey but in the world too. We deliver our products and services to every corner of Turkey. All the power solutions in our range attract a great interest of customers both from Turkey and other countries. Thanks to our strong dealer network and selective business partners, we are able to manage a wide extent of market from the North Pole to Egyptian Deserts, from Nepal to Bolivia, from New Zealand to Tanzania. We export our products and services to more than 120 countries. In regard to reaching new markets and export success, Teksan Generator won the prize for the category of “New Market-Market Diversification” in “Export Stars Awards 2016” organized by Dunya Business Newspaper. The outstanding export destinations in 2016 were Iraq, Algeria, Greece, Russian Federation, Libya, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar an Poland. One of the most important goals in 2017 for us, is to open up new horizons for new markets and to increase the number of countries which we export to. Especially, we are going to focus on African countries.

— What is the secrets of your success? What would you like to recommend for another entrepreneurs to reach the success?

First of all, they should work hard and love their job. Actually, dedication-courage-foresight are the key words to gain the success. They shouldn’t waste the time but have to focus on their purposes. Proper planning and efficient use of time are also important in success. Operating with the right coworkers is another critical factor. All these components bring the success. 

— There is a direct relationship between energy and environment. Could you give information about the environment policy of your company?

We are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment during our activities. Protecting the milieu is important for us. Our company runs all its operations in accordance with the legislations and international standards. We use raw materials, energy, fuel and natural resources as water in the most efficient way. The first domestic Cogeneration System of Turkey, which we installed in our Istanbul factory, provides all the energy we need for our operations. We are also responsive to the waste management and recycling issues and we are fulfilling our responsibilities.      

— What is your practices about work safety?

One of our most important goals is to create a safe and healthy working environment. We act in accordance with the Job Safety and Health Standards, and also organize various trainings for our employees to make them possess the necessary skills and equipments.