Sistem Alüminyum is able to produce aluminium composite panel in desired dimensions. So it is able to offer the customers a wide variety of colors and pattern options. Thanks to this feature, the company pushes the boundaries of imagination of the architects who want to design and implement a high aesthetic value with different and impressive models.. We met with Erdoğan Yılmaz as the Sales Manager of the company and got a good oppurtunity to interview him about their success…

Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Erdoğan Yılmaz. After graduating from İTÜ Electrical Engineering in 1986, I worked as administrator in sales departments of some companies which operate in automotive supply industry. I've been working in aluminum industry for the last two years of my professional life. At the moment, my goal is to make use of my gained intense experience in and for Sistem Alüminyum… The company entered the industry by manufacturing aluminum profile in 1994 and kept on growing since then. In 2013, the company started its Çorlu plant which operates in 70.000 m² covered area.. Today, our Çorlu Production Facility is an integrated plant that incorporates a wide range of duties from foundry to mold manufacturing, manufacturing of aluminum profile, powder coating, wooden pattern coating, anodizing, mechanical processing, manufacturing of composite panels and also the final applications. The General Management of Sistem Alüminyum located in İstanbul–Hadımköy. We continue to provide high quality and innovative solutions for our customers’ needs by more than 500 white-collar and blue-collar  employees who are really experts in their fields.

You have been through a busy fair period. Can you tell us a bit about the preparation process?

Preparations for a fair in many companies is intense and stressful, but it doesn't work that way for us. We organize this kind of preparations in collaboration of the Corporate Communications, Sales, P&D departments and mostly within the framework of a plan. We install our action plan at least 3 months before the fair. Then we get involved in implementing and monitoring of this plan. Of course, we had a busy but also enjoyable preparation phase. So, our exhibition booth was ready on the day before the start of the fair; because our preparations had been completed. Thus, we started stress-free on the first day of the 18th Eurasia Window Fair 2017 and we focused on the visitors during the fair.

What was the strategy of Sistem Alüminyum for 18th Eurasia Window Fair? Which products did you emphasize for promotion?

For us, 18th Eurasia Window Fair was an important opportunity to meet the potential customers who interested in doors, windows and aluminum. During the fair last year, we highlighted our brand Alutech Facade Systems with curtain walling system, insulated-uninsulated woodwork, sliding, skylight, steel reinforced facade, sunblind, cotta system, vent diffuser, composite panel coating sub-carrier systems, ceramic coating and compact coating sub-carrier systems. This year, our motto for the fair was “colourize the city”. And our brand which we brought into the forefront was Alutech Bond. We produce aluminum composite panels under this brand in B2, B1 and A2 classes. There are aluminum composite panel products under the name Alutech Bond in different size and various colors and designs. And we covered our exhibiton stand with our aluminum composite panel products. In addition, our giant wall charts also attracted lots of interest in the fair. The comments were very positive and also motivating about our products.

Well, was the fair successful for your company in general? Could you succeeded in meeting with your targeted customers in this fair?

This year, Sistem Alüminyum completed the fair quite successfully. So far I observed, there were much more visitors in the fair this year than that of last year. Also our exhibition stand was pretty intense during the 4 days. At that point, I would like to emphasize that we carried out intensive communication work prior to the fair. So, we informed the stakeholders, the sectoral media and our followers on social media that we would take part in the event. One month before the fair, we sent invitations to our customers through our digital media announcing that we would be in the fair.. We had a positive feedback in the fair. Our booth was very crowded. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who visited us there.  

As Sistem Alüminyum, on which fairs do you participate in, domestically and abroad?

For us, there are two major fairs in the country. One of them is the door- window fair we left just behind. And the other one is Building Fair which is an important meeting event for the sectoral members. The first fair is yet over now with success and we are preparing for the second one while concentrating all our energy on it.. Besides, there are many fairs abroad which we participate in. Recently, we took part in Made Expo Fair in Italy which coincided with 18th Eurasia Window Fair. Apart from that; Polish Construction, German Düsseldorf and Aluminum Messe fairs are the others that we take part in regularly. Except these, we consider on various proposals which are made from time to time. If we anticipate that our participation would be profitable for our company, we exhibit there too.