kastamonu entegre

Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç Sanayi forwards its exports to more than 90 countries from USA to China, so in a very wide area. The company provides about 40% of the sector’s total export which means a clear success for itself. Kastamonu Entegre ranks as the 4th biggest in Europe and the 7th in the world due to its manufacturing capacity. The investment of the company in abroad is significant. We got the chance to have a nice interview with Mr.Haluk Yıldız as the Managing Director of Kastamonu Entegre, about the success of the company in internal and foreign markets.

-Could you please introduce us your company and give some information about its successful business?

Our company was established in 1969 in Istanbul. And our first manufacturing plant was commissioned in 1971 in Kastamonu. At the moment, there are 13 manufacturing plants in 10 different locations in 5 countries. The foreign countries are Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Russia where we carry out our activities by nearly 5500 employees. It is a leading company in Turkish sector with MDF, particleboard and laminated parquet manufacturing. And the company keeps on growing non-stop by two-digit numbers every year for the last decade. Thanks to our investments, we obtained great  endorsement in billion dollars during the recent years. Kastamonu Entegre always ranks at the top of Top 500 Companies List issued by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). Our basic strategy is to grow up by improving our manufacture and sales only in this sector. Entering into the markets of the neighbour countries is also among our goals. In line with this, we made investments mainly in Russia and Romania in the last years. These investments brought us great success both in Europe and world. Nowadays, we are at the top of the Europe’s and the world’s biggest manufacturers in this sector.

-What is your product range?

We are manufacturing particle board, particle laminated board, MDF, MDF laminated board, laminated parquet, door panel, bright plate, kitchen and bathroom counters and similar miscellaneous added value products required for furniture, decoration and construction sectors.

-What can you say about the achievement of your company in the last years? And what about the new targets?

Kastamonu Entegre keeps on growing steadily as an important player in wood industry and also in terms of the company endorsement. Investment in new territories and in the near of the raw material resources will be desired by us in our long-term intention. In addition, we aim to make new investments in new and profitable markets such as Iran, Africa, America and India as well as an additional investment to our current practice in Bulgaria. The main goal of our company is to be transformed from Turkey based manufacturing firm into an international corporation which carries out its operations within a wider territory. We are almost sure that Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç Sanayi will take place among the top 5 manufacturers of the world in the next 10 years.

-Could you inform us about your R&D activities?

We plan new technologic investments during next years. Our sector shifted to a continuous manufacturing plant model in the last two decades. Due to partial technological modernizations which take place every 2 years, the company made a significant progress regarding to the size and the systems. Our company implements various R&D projects both by using its own equity capital and also by making use of TUBITAK, SANTEZ and EU funding. Thanks to the development studies, we carried out in paper impregnation process towards both significant replacements and improvements in machinery & equipment. And developments in resin systems enable us to manufacture laminated plate and laminated parquet products of higher quality. Furthermore, we also have ongoing R&D studies to recover the industrial wastewater and to reduce the industrial emissions through the supporting projects of the government. As Kastamonu Entegre, we make about 10 up 15 million dollars of investment every year either in our existing facilities or as additional technology investments to save our new state-of-art technology investments. We are a leading firm in the manufacturing technologies both in Turkey and in the world by our horizontal and vertical integration capacities.

– What is your market share in domestic and foreign markets?

According to the product groups within the scope of our business, we have nearly 30% market share averagely. We are leader of the sector in production of MDF, particle board and laminated parquet in Turkey. Except the sales’ figure of our facilities in abroad, we make about 40% of total export of the Turkish sector individually due to our export capacity exceeding 90 million dollars per year.

-Which countries do you mainly export to? Which are your target countries?

Thanks to our manufacturing power in wooden-based panel, Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç Sanayi exports to more than 90 countries from USA to China since 2015.. The Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Turkic Republics, Iran, Iraq, Middle East and Northern Africa are among the primary markets for our export. Because we aim to operate not only in Turkish market, the global markets and the neighboring countries are also our targets. For a sustainable growth, we invest in new markets and new raw material resources.