Thanks to its successful operations, Gedik Welding ranks among the firsts of medium-sized exporters …

Celebrating its 54th anniversary in 2017, Gedik Welding has got a share of nearly 40% of its production in export. Gedik Holding realizes this export to more than 80 countries thanks to its successful GeKa, GeKaTec and GeKaMac brands. Made In Turkey Magazine had a pleasant conversation with Mrs.Hülya Gedik as Gedik Holding Chairwoman about Gedik Welding’s export success, goals and its supports for education…

Can you introduce your company to us briefly? Would you like to give us some information about the activities of the company?

gedik kaynakThe foundation of Gedik Holding goes back to the year of 1963 when Gedik Welding was established. Gedik Welding is one of the largest welding companies in Europe now. Gedik Holding founded Gedik Casting and Valve Company in 1967 and as one of the first valve manufacturers in Turkey, it started to perform in 3 different more fields as sand casting, precision casting and valve. Then, Gedik Foundation for Education was founded in 1994 in order to contribute to meet the needs for qualified personnel in relevant sectors as well as mainly in welding sector. We established Gedik Vocational School of Higher Education in 2010 which was then an important milestone in educational field. It completed its development in 2011 through university-industry cooperation by Istanbul Gedik University in order to contribute to the science and technology of welding in our country. At the same time, Gedik University arranged trainings for international welding engineering and technician fields in the name of IIW (International Institute of Welding) and Gedik Education Foundation (GEV). Gedik Welding became the leader of this sector also with providing after-sale services of destructive- and non-destructive testing for its clients.

How about the success of your company? Can you tell us the goals of your firm?

As a global brand, Gedik Welding is a successful company; because it competes with many important overseas brands as well as those in Turkey. At this point, we have made big efforts to increase our share both in domestic and in foreign markets. We made agreements for national and intenational projects. We aim to increase our production capacity, to diversify the product range based on our own R&D, to improve our rate of exports and make new investments which would add new values to Turkish industry..

What can you say about your product studies?

Thanks to our expert R&D staff, we improve our products in every aspect of use. For example; at the moment, we introduce our new types of welding machines to overseas markets.

gedik producsGedik Welding produces inert-gas welding rods, submerged arc welding rods, flux cored welding rods, powders, rectifiers, submerged arc welding machines, inverter type welding machines and welding generators under the brand names of Geka, GeKaTec, GeKaMac and GekaRobot. We also provide our customers with robotic automation services. In additon, Gedik Casting and Valve produces “Termo” brand valves and fittings beside sand casting and precision molding technologies. It creates also various solutions for heating-cooling and steam applications, superheated water, boiling oil, natural gas and all kinds of chemical fluids for power plants and industrial facilities.


How about your production capacity and new investment plans?

Approximately, Gedik Welding produces 90 000 tons of welding consumables and equipments per year under the brand name of “GeKa”, “GeKaTec” and “GeKaMac”.. In addition, under the brand name of Gedik Casting and Valve, we produce nearly 15 000 tons of sand casting, 1500 tons of precision casting and also 250 000 pieces of “Thermo” brand valves annually.

gedik üniversitesi

In order to increase our production capacity, we moved our casting and valve manufacturing plant in  Istanbul to 2nd OSB in Hendek in 2012. There, we started also an another project to build our new welding plant. We plan also realize a new campus project and Technopark project in Pendik-Kurtköy which will conduct some research projects in cooperation with industry and university based on R&D studies.

What is the share of your production in domestic and overseas markets?

Gedik Welding exports the domestic products to more than 80 countries under the brand name of GeKa, GeKaTec  and  GeKaMac. Since the last years, we have been declared as the 1st company among the “Medium-sized Exporters that Export Mostly” by IMMIB. Actually, nearly 40% of our production goes to foreign markets.

Which countries are you exporting to? What about your target countries?

Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Libya are among the countries where we export mainly. And the Balkan states, Turkic republics and African countries are our target countries. 

Would you like to add something else?

We are strengthening our leading position in welding sector. Furthermore, we will intensify our work in order to make the Gedik Welding a well-known brand in international markets. Beside the industrial sector, we grow our investments in education field as well.