Çuhadaroğlu, becoming the center of attention in the world with its successful projects…

Exporting its products to many countries, Çuhadaroğlu maintains its position among the leading companies of the industry with its R&D projects and production capacity. The company which is the first to design and produce explosion-, bullet- and fire-proof aluminum doors, windows and claddings in Turkey, has also undersigned numerous firsts such as being the first company to establish the first vertical eloxal coating facility also reinforces its powerful position in the market as the first Turkish company to win a public tender in France and the first Turkish company to be the contractor of a large scale cladding project in Germany. With Cuhadaroglu Metal A.Ş. General Manager Kenan ARACI, we talked about the success, exports and targets of Çuhadaroğlu.

Can you please tell us a bit about your company and its successful operations?

We were founded 62 years ago and started up as the manufacturer of steel construction elements. Since 1965, we’re designing, producing and applying aluminum door, window, and woodwork products mainly for the construction industry. With its innovative vision, our company, in addition to developing the first silicon cladding, dual axis woodwork with thermal barrier, skylight systems, panel systems, cladding wiper, and double cladding, is also known as the first company to be contracted a large scale cladding project in Germany, the first company to design and manufacture explosion-, bullet- and fire-proof aluminum doors, windows and claddings in Turkey, and the first company to establish the first vertical eloxal coating facility. With our manufacturing capacity certified with different quality certificates including TS EN 9001 and with our contribution to employment with the jobs we create, we continue to be the locomotive of the Turkish economy. Today, we provide jobs for 5000 people. Our group company serving with a 57.000-m2 facility in Beylikdüzü, comprises a giant integrated facility that allows us to design and produce all our products in house. Our group has been supplying finished and semi-finished products to automotive, defense, transportation and other sectors with the construction sector comprising 70% of our business. In addition to the construction industry, we also serve the transportation, security and automotive industries with a wide range of products and services including aluminum profiles, aluminum extrusion, powder dye and aluminum profiles with eloxal surface processing, aluminum doors, windows and cladding systems, automatic swing and sliding door systems, bullet-, fire-, and explosion-proof security systems, aluminum door, window and cladding systems, aluminum building elements, as well as contract manufacturing services for these products.

How was your company’s performance in the last years? Can you tell us about your company’s goals for future?

Çuhadaroğlu Group increases its sales and continues to further its sustainable growth. Consolidated net profits of the company increased by about 30% and reached more than 23 million TL in last years compared to the previous years. The targeted production level and the growth rate of our company are also increasing correspondingly.

Can you give us information about your R&D operations?

We sell and apply our products in a very wide geography ranging from Algeria to Turkmenistan, from UK to Azerbaijan and from Maldives to America. In this case, we’re talking about a wide array of solutions that take into account different parameters like climate, life style, application competencies of our local business partners and project-specific parameters. Cuhadaroglu designs all of its profile systems in-house at its own R&D department and produces the prototypes, tests them at KAPEDAM test center before rollout. All our products are designed and produced by Turkish engineers. Çuhadaroğlu is also specialized in “tailor-made” projects and offers custom solutions depending on the cladding and woodwork requirements of the projects as well as the requests and requirements of the architect, investor and contractor of the project. These custom requests and needs are taken into account by the R&D department and applied by the technical support department. As a result, in addition to standard solutions, Cuhadaroglu is able to provide custom products and applications based on the specific requirements of a project. During the last 10 years, share of our R&D spending in total turnover increased from %1 to 10%, allowing us to offer more innovative products that provide added value to the market.

Will you launch new products for the foreign markets?

As Çuhadaroğlu, our vision is to develop products continuously with an innovative perspective. Our R&D efforts focus mainly on sliding doors, windows, woodworks and cladding systems, curtain wall system with micro condensation channel and offiice partition system solutions. In addition, our R&D department continues its product development work on its existing fire doors, automatic swing and sliding doors. Correct and high quality products come out as a result of long R&D efforts so we’re planning to offer new products over time. With new products and improvement to existing products we’re planning to increase our revenue to 10 million USD.

Can you give us information on the company’s investments? 

The first phase in the industrial revolution was the invention of steam engine, and the second was the invention of electricity. The third phase was the synthesis of electronics, in other words, the process we call the mechatronic phase. The fourth phase is integration with IT. At this point, with our facility built in 2008, we’ve already started the Phase 4.0 of industrial revolution, which is argued to start or accelerate 10 years later in Turkey. We’ve made investments to fully automate our production processes and to minimize use of human labor in order to minimize related risks. We are increasing the capacity steadily. Among other continuing investments is the project for increasing the capacity of the new office and production facility of Cuhadaroglu Alüminyum Sanayi which is our affiliate and the new factory will be commissioned in 2017.

What can you tell us about your product line?

Our product line comprises, aluminum system profiles, cladding systems with heat insulation, woodwork systems with heat insulation, special woodwork systems with special insulation features, thermally insulated concealed vent curtain wall system,woodwork systems with sound isolation, partition and offiice partition system solutions sliding systems, product line with and without heat insulation, explosion-, bullet and fire-proof woodwork for security systems, skylight systems, sun breakers,interax automatic sliding and swing door systems, accessory systems, and aluminum, raw, eloxal and died profiles used in different sectors such as automotive, transportation and machinery industry.

How about your market share in Turkey and abroad?

On average, in terms of revenue, we’re exporting 30% of our production. Our goal is to increase this to 50% in the coming years. Our target is to be exporting our products to 25 countries on 4 continents. And in line with that strategy we aim to increase our market share abroad.

Which are your major export markets? Which countries do you target?

Currently we export our products to more than 20 countries. And our target markets are mainly Germany, France, UK, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Georgia and also USA and countries in North and South Africa.