After wandering the world, he anchored in a copper workshop in a historical covered bazaar in Grand Bazaar in İstanbul. He talked to us about his success in coppersmithing sector which he reached in a short time and the growing production level of his business.

“Looking for a long-handled copper pan to make sauce changed his life entirely”

Soy Türkiye is a coppersmithing company which located in İstanbul. The company exports nearly all of its copperware  products including coffee pots. At present, the export goes to 49 countries all over the world. But Emir Ali Enç aims to expand it to 190 countries in near future. 

1-Who is Emir Ali ENÇ? Can you inform us about your company “Soy Türkiye”?

I have lived in different countries as a son of a diplomat family. After completing my college education in Canada, I decided to return to Turkey. Once, I needed a long-handled copper pan to make sauce but I noticed that it was not being produced in Turkey. Out of curiosity, I did a little research about it and then I saw that these kinds of products was made in France, Italy and Belgium. At the moment, I decided to learn the coppersmithing. To realize it, I went to Southeast and then to Syria. By working with coppersmiths in workshops, I learned this business in 10 months. Then I came back to İstanbul and founded my own business in this field 6 years ago.

2-Once, Turkey was one of the most outstanding countries in the field of coppersmithing. But at present, we see that the products made of steel or another metals are much more in use than the copperware. What is the reason?

Actually, the big reason of it is the lawless(wild) capitalism. Although the copper was a better conductive metal than the steel, its place was taken by aluminum, steel and another metalware in progress of time. Because the producers always invest in the most profit-bringers. 

3-You export the most part of your products (about 97%) abroad. And the difference in your designs are directly remarkable. Is it always so important for you to launch aesthetical products?

We export our long-handled pots to American and European countries; coffee pots go to Russia, East European countries, Ukraine and the states of former Yugoslavia. To be honest, it was never my basic aim to produce something aesthetical. Because I am purely a functionalist. Aesthetics is a relative concept. But if we succeeded in it, of course it would be a great pleasure for us.    

4-You have a good place in coppersmithing. Could you tell us about your way of success?

The main reason is our quality. We sell more than 90 kinds of products. An another reason therefore is being determined by evaluating the existing needs. If I did not start this profession with saying “I will make the best pot in the world”, it would be really hard to get to this point where I stay on now. In addition, the events and exhibitions which we attend on international scale are also important. For example, we are involved in a major organization of World Championship(WC) which is an important event for coffee producers. There are 26 countries in this competitions and Turkey won for the first time in 2012 using our coffee pots. After that, our products began to get much more demand from the customers.       

5- How about your production capacity? Which countries do you export these aesthetical and useful products to?

Monthly, our production capacity is about 1 ton. 35% of our export goes to America, 10% of it goes to East European countries, Russia, Ukraine, the states of former Yugoslavia, Australia and New Zealand. And the rest of our export goes to the Far East. Middle East countries are also among our major customers. Nevertheless, I should say that I am not happy with this result yet. Because my most important goal is to be able to perform our exports to 190 countries all over the world.

6-As a successful businessman, what is your advice to young businessmen?

Hopefully, we could manufacture our own models as a country. I recommend young businessmen to avoid imitation goods. To get success, we should design and produce our own models. So we must create good brands. They need to consider about it. Additionally, we must develop our models which could compete with those of other countries. Our products must be of very high quality and also be produced in series. We also plan to move in a fabric next months for this purpose.

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