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ELLE prepared its collection for 2016 Spring-Summer with the shoes ranging from metallic leathers to espadrilles in vivid colors and from ethnic patterned sneakers to high-heeled and accessoriesed sorts.

Elle has a mission to make the shoe enthusiasts meet the world fashion since 39 years. It redefines the clothing habits of Turkish woman who plays an active role in working life by modernizing herself. Elle became the leader of change and differentness with the 2016 Spring- Summer collection. There are metallic leathers, pastel shades and soft suedes that create warm winds in this creation beside the ethnic patterned sneakers, espadrilles in vivid colors and gladiator sandals.

Beside the romantic colors such as mint green, face powder and baby blue, there are also black and mink colors standing out in this collection. Having prepared a collection with high heels and accessoires for special occasions also, Elle doesn’t forget the nightlife enthusiasts too. The bag collection of Elle consists of quality leather and accessories. Having adopted the affordable prices and quality as a principe in bag, Elle appeals to different tastes with the rope, metallic and ethnic details stand out in 2016 Spring- Summer collection.