DAMAT Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection owns the “total look” philosophy of the world’s most prestigious brands and reflects the life of a man from jackets to shirts and shoes to wallets.

The Legendary Damat Suit consists of the “Superfine Wool” category fabrics which are the magnificent concourse of Australian and New Zealand Merino wool that is manufactured in limited numbers every year with Italy’s numbered fabric manufacturers. The wool that is 150’s thin becomes a silky fabric after meeting the natural touch of the soft water from the Alps in Italy’s Biella region.

Damat Suit adapts luxury in details by virtue of special sewing techniques combined with buffalo horn buttons, royal seal stamped jacquard lining peculiar to Damat, patterns designed in compliance with various sized form and trendy collar forms.

DAMAT designs each consisting of knowledge, technology and creativity that will form the history of textile will give you style this season with two sided coats, knitted vests, Nano Clean shirts that make you feel fresh by locking in any disturbing scents and travel suits. Weaved from the world’s most luxurious threads and having the lightest fabrics Damat makes you experience the freedom and the pleasure of touching with linerless and light 250gr jackets at the same time.


Suits that are embraced with double breasted jackets draw attention with their flawless patterns and unique fabrics while the combinations that carry the winters glamour provides convenience to its creator. Three piece suits that are manufactured from different types of fabrics meets Damat men with unlimited freedom.

Discover the magic patterns that help you look two sizes fitter and the flauntlessness in pattern and detail with the DAMAT privilege in the new season. Damat creates a 24/7 elegance with its comfortable and fit patterns and dynamic lines at the Office, at a classy dinner a club or travel.


Damat’s shoe collection deserves more attention compared to previous seasons. Classic and sportive shoes that are manufactured from different textures accompany the steps inside suits. All stout leather with leather interlining are manufactured with anti-skid and comfort enhancing special injection technique. These all leather stout shoes that are designed with detailed consideration by skilled hands will make you feel the comfort and nobility in the new season.

Damat Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection that has a slight romantic side includes grey, navy blue, damson, gambero, menta and oltremare tones and livens up partly with camel tones with different textures and patterns. Self-textured wool jackets, extra-fine merino knitwear, scotch plaid suits, micro patterned shirts are the main pieces that will find their way to your wardrobe this season.

Directing the habits of men in menswear, Damat invites men to get noticed while noticing the romantic side inside them with its color palette, patterns and textures with the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection.