Teksan introduced its new solutions for uninterrupted energy in Dubai

Middle East Electricity Exhibition, organization that feels the pulse of energy sector, opened its gates to the visitors for the 41st time. The energy solutions displayed by Teksan attracted great attention in the exhibition which took place in Dubai between the dates of 1-3 March 2016. As the Silver Sponsor of the Exhibition this year, Teksan exhibited the hybrid power system, the first and sole of its kind in Turkey and one of few samples in the world, revealed its success in R&D field.  It is expected that this new system developed by Teksan in 2015, shall become an important element of the energy sector in the following years.  

Middle East Electricity, the world’s largest power and energy exhibition where the energy sector giants showed up, once again witnessed the show of the companies this year. This significant exhibition brings together thousands of visitors and participants from many different regions. Teksan, which has been providing uninterrupted energy solutions and services in the energy sector for 22 years with its innovative and pioneering identity, became the “Silver Sponsor" of the exhibition.

The latest innovations of Teksan which are are being exported to more than 120 countries were exhibited at two different stands in Middle East Electricity Exhibition. The hybrid power system which was developed in cooperation with TUBITAK in 2015 and is the first and only of its kind in Turkey, attracted significant attention.

Teksan Generator Board Member for Sales and Marketing Burak Başeğmezler stated that Middle East Electricity Exhibition, where the leading actors of the energy sector meet, is an outstanding opportunity to introduce new products and technologies. He also indicated: “Middle East Electricity Exhibition is a very important event for our sector as being one of the biggest meetings of the world energy sector for 41 years. Thanks to these kinds of exhibitions, we can follow the innovations and developments in the sector where we also have the opportunity of seeing latest works of our global competitors.  During the exhibition in which we participated in with two different stands, our products aroused great attention of the visitors. Especially, the interest of the visitors upon the first and only hybrid power system in Turkey which we have innovated in cooperation with TUBITAK, exceeded our expectations. Hybrid power system features a technology referring to the sustainable energy solutions of the future thanks to its integration with renewable resources such as solar and wind energy. It provides advantage of use at places where there is no grid or bad grid. Thus, we estimate thanks to this capability, hybrid system, which is mostly used by telecommunication companies abroad, will get attention from the Turkish telecommunication companies, too.”

Burak Başeğmezler highlighted that they aim to transform their company, which was established with a hundred percent Turkish capital, into a global brand and continued to his remarks by saying: “Teksan finished 2015 with a growth of 38 percent. Our consolidated turnover reached to 299 million liras. In addition to the growing need of the domestic market, the increasing demands of neighbouring countries that are being restructuring, played an significant role in this growth.  Exportation is a key element for our company activities and long-term goals. Nearly 40 percent of our production is being directly exported. We have exported products to more than 120 countries with an amount exceeding 38 million Euros in 2015. Iraq, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Egypt and Azerbaijan were leading export markets for previous year, and we regard Middle East, North Africa, South America and Southeast Asia as the drivers of this growth in the future. Thus, Middle East Electricity Exhibition was also extremely useful for us in this respect. In accordance with our growth strategy, we plan to establish liaison offices and stockyards in several countries in coming years.”

“When we compare our products with the global brands in terms of quality, technology and efficiency parameters, we never fall behind of them. Moreover, if the subject comes to the quality of labor, additional equipments and parts used in the systems, we can say that the quality we deliver is better.  This is one of the key elements improving our competitiveness in the global market," concluded Başeğmezler, by highlighting that they produce spectacular products to compete with global brands.