The annual export figure of Turkish machinery industry to Germany reached 2.5 billion dollars. While Germany is identified with machinery, the key to this success is the investments in quality.

As Machinery Promotion Group (MTG) Chairman, Adnan Dalgakıran said that the sector ensured the successful integration with the EU market and upgraded its quality and production skills. With attaining the flexible production capability, it gained an important competitive advantage.

Dalgakıran added that the total amount of last year’s export of Turkish machinery sector was realized as 2.3 billion dollars to Germany. This is a share of 1.7 % of German machinery imports. He said that our aim is to rise this amount up to 5 % in 2023. His speech was as follows: “Turkey sells the machinery to more than 150 countries besides Germany. Our export rate of machinery is rising. This is because of the growing quality of Turkish machine.adnan dalgakıran    

Turkish machinery can compete now with the rest of the world. Our manufacturers are following innovations and new technologies and have a flexible and practical approach which could be applied easily. In particular, we are very successful in turn-key projects. Turkish machinery industry makes a large part of its exports to the world countries which are trade arbiters in this field. We can respond quickly to demand of other countries due to our integration with EU market, Turkey’s logistics advantages, our production skills and quality and our flexible and small batch production talent.”

Our troubles will be over if the visa issue is resolved

Mr Dalgakıran further added that: "Our difference than other competitors is to offer the quality and service at competitive prices. As time passed by, Germans had more confidence in our machinery when they got acquainted with its quality. Their trust in our quality provides an advantage for us in international markets. One of our most competitive advantages is also our geographical proximity to European markets. A solution to visa problems which are slowing down our pace of business and exhaust our energy, will make it easier to liberate our commercial potential and to realize our plannned subjects.”