Due to power outages during winter period which brings life to a standstill, the electrical goods break down and gas boilers go out of service. Business units experience financial losses through these outages. In the much-needed winter period, portable generator sales can also be increased by 100%.

Snowfall brings the power cuts with it. Interruption of the electricity, which is effective in many areas of our lives from lighting up to warming, is causing huge losses. To protect the service providers and people against the negative effects of these interruptions, generators are of great importance.

With the title of one of the world's top 5 generator manufacturers,  Aksa Generator ensures the energy thanks to its discovery, installation, transportation, after-sale and periodic inspection services. The company prevents the negative results that happens from time to time thanks to its appropriate energy generators.

Aksa Generator has also a wide range petrol and diesel generators for rental purposes that meet the periodical energy needs. Thanks to its experienced staff, the company provides solutions for the needs of rental generators in domestic and overseas areas. With its after-sale services, the company also offers uninterrupted power to users. For the sold products under Aksa warranty, even after the warranty-deadline, there is no charge for periodical inspection.   

Alper PekerHaving underlined that the electricity is a a great tool to achieve our basic needs, Aksa Generator CEO Mr. Alper Peker stated so: “We are experiencing the power outages in winter period. As usual, the savior of winter is the generator. There is an increase in our generator sales in the winter period and this is about 50% in portable product group for home and small businesses. In unusually harsh weather conditions such as the period we are now in, this figure may rise up to 100%. In intensive production areas such as Turkey, the use of generators must be much more. Generator means actually precaution. The power outage even just for a minute, gives huge damages at hospitals, intelligent building systems and at production facilities equipped with the latest technology. As Aksa Generator, we will continue to deliver all the necessary services to our customers to avoid the losses caused by these power interruptions.” He stressed the importance of generator use once more.