Netmak Group, with its constantly evolving structure and developing technology, continues to have much more say in the Middle East and Europe.

Netmak started to produce milling cutter, thickness machines, cutting and grinding tools in 1972. The company produces with the latest technology in 6 000 square meter for domestic and foreign markets. It meets the needs of the market with its machine and blade production. Also creating differences in foreign markets in line with its developing structure and technology, Netmak offers services for domestic market which have specialised staff in cutting tools technology. Its products have a widespread use in the Middle East and Europe. It restores the damaged cutting tools using CNC controlled machines with the latest technology and enables them to re-use.

With its increasing product portfolio and production volume, Netmak is doing production for domestic and overseas customers in 4 major product groups. The first product group includes thickness machines, planers, and milling machines. In the second group, there are milling cutters, drills and saws. The third group exists of computer controlled milling machines (CNC) and in the fourth group there are drive machines which are called robots.

NETMAK, gave a new momentum to its institutionalization efforts in 2004. By revising the design and requirements of the machines, it received CE certification of user and environmental health concerns. After that, it took also OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. While investing always in technology, Netmak gives importance to its workers too. Therefore, the company develops the engineering staff continously and offers each year new products to the netmak nkmcustomers.

Spending 2015 as the year of investment, the company launched DIA Project Shop as a department of Netmak Cutting Tools Ltd. It aims to make DIA section grow further in 2016 and give more quick response to the demands from foreign markets. To standardization of the production, increase the quality and process improvements to redece waiting times are its important targets. For this goals, the company realized new machine purchases.

NKM 240 CNC Door Frame Corner Assembling Machine, which produced first 3 years ago with its prototype machines, is now the most popular product of Netmak Ind. And Wood Machinery Co. This product offers significant advantages to frame manufacturers in terms of costs, time and quality.