lcw home

LC Waikiki, offering accessible fashion for fashion- lovers in 32 countries with the mission of “Everyone deserves to dress well”, now confronts us with its different face as LCW Home.

lcw homeLC Waikiki will beautify homes with LCW Home including different concepts appealing to any style and budget from now on. LCW Home is first meeting up its customers at 10 stores in Turkey. By October, LCW Home products will be at other 20 stores as well. LCW Home is targeting to meet the whole needs of a house from kitchen to bathroom, from bedroom to the living room. LCW Home which is consisting of 300 kinds of products including bedlinens, bathrobes, towels, blankets, throw pillows and tablecloths are ready to renew homes fully.

LCW Home will meet all of the needs of the family members with its collections forming of different themes. Designs in playing along with themselves will create perfect alternative for the ones who want to show their own style. Products, being produced with 100% cotton and thick weaving technique, are being presented to the quality passionists’ taste. Baby and kids group products of LCW which prioritizes product safety are also pretty mighty.

lcw homeLCW Home got together with the decoration lovers with four different themes. LCW Home is ready to change the air of homes with “Modern, Chic, Country, Denim” themes. Themes which offer the ease of combination with its fiction, will carry different stories to the homes. “Modern” theme in which black and grey hues are revived with saffron yellow, “is blending new trends with a unisex approach. In the theme of “Chic” where romantic air of lace rules, damask patterns that pastel colors are matching with the light colors like ecru, beige and white, are creating a suitable environment in the name of theme. In Country theme which has the same name with the style offering different alternatives for the ones who adopt “Country” style at their homes, hand- made needle patterns are completing flower patterns on which lilac and pink colors are frequently used. “Denim” theme for which one of the season’s outstanding styles; indigo, is inspired, patchwork patterns and thin embroidered patterns are adding color to the theme.

Products within LCW Home collection in which double and single duvet cover sets are included, are produced according to Turkish size standards. The collection in which different models exist for kids and babies, presented the licensed products of the cartoon characters to the kids’ taste. Products printed with My Little Pony, Angry Birds, Transformers and Limon&Zeytin that dream of any child are giving children the opportunity of creating their own worlds.