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Karaca Home is making stylish touches to the living rooms with its brand- new 2016-2017 Fall/ Winter Collection. Sets, being formed with Madrid Embroidered Bedlinens & Bedspreads which are designed with the appeal of the colors are creating ethnic air in the bedrooms.  

Karaca Home, is shining out with many chic and practical designs which are shaped according to the life styles. Karaca Home that produces a quite new product with different techniques by expanding its usage of area, is turning the traditional style lovers’ head with Madrid Embroidered Bedlinens and Bedspreads.   

Madrid, remarking with bedspread, is being manufactured with special print technique. It has many processes due to the fact that being jacquard and board patterned. It may be used as both blanket and bedspread. Easy cleaning Madrid also doesn’t need iron.   

Embroidering within the bedspreads of Madrid Embroidered Bedlinens and Bedspread Set which will glamorize everybody with its all features, are the perfect subsidiaries of color and pattern integrity with its 100% cotton quality. It also appeals for different tastes with alternatives in turquois and maroon. These sets from which the ones who don’t give up with traditional air with their ethnic style will use of love, have important role in the bedroom decoration and be the choice of the ones who want to carry their refined taste to their bedrooms.