arçelik oled tv

Arçelik which introduces the most innovative products and technologies to the consumers has brought together cutting- edge technology product; Turkey’s first OLED TV with the consumers.

Arçelik that manufactures Turkey’s first OLED TV, presented the product to the consumers’ taste. The vivid colors with Organic LED and 4K Picture Perfection Technology within Arçelik OLED TV give the users a watching enjoy with its perfect watching experience. In addition to the real-like and the most vivid display quality, it offers ultra slim, metallic and chic design with its 65’’ big screen and 6 mm panel.Unlike standard LED TVs, each one of millions organic LEDs are running as a light source with OLED technology. Thanks to OLED TV’s this revolutionary feature, contrast rates close to eternal values and perfect colors are obtained. Thus with this vivid colors on prefect black, an ever outstanding image experience is offered to the audiences.

Arçelik OLED TV, having Ultra HD resolution developed with 4K Picture Perfection Technology, is also including HDR, Wide Color Gamut and Micro Dimming features. HDR which offers higher contrast image, Wide Color Gamut which offers the most real-like colors with its wide range of colors and Micro Dimming technology which reveals the depths in the darkest scenes are the other outstanding features of Arçelik OLED TV.

Arçelik OLED TV enhancesthe watching pleasure thanks to its 3D Sound technology. It makes people live the experience of movie housein their homes due to the design of three-sided loudspeakers.