Emsan, the leading brand of the home and kitchen products industry, takes kitchens on a journey to the past with the TROY collection, which is prepared by combining enamel with a nostalgic design. The collection consists of teapot, strainer, cookie holder, jar, frying pan, saucepan and tea set.

Emsan continues to make a difference in kitchens with new products added to its collections. Emsan, one of the first brands that come to mind when being spoken about enamel, blows nostalgic winds in kitchens with its durable products included in the TROY collection, processed with enamel. TROY, consisting of a strainer, cookie holder, jar, frying pan, saucepan and tea set together with a teapot with a lifetime warranty, impresses with its aesthetic design.

The TROY collection, which has different color options, is a candidate to be indispensable for kitchens due to its functionality! TROY teapot, designed with titanium circles and preserving its brightness, consists of a 1.1-liter upper teapot and a 2.5-liter lower teapot, which can be used separately with the bottom and top, with no spillage or drip. The top of the teapot, which is also suitable for use in induction cookers, is ideal for herbal teas.

Thanks to the fryer apparatus inside the frying pan, both frying and cooking, and it is also possible to use the storage containers both in the refrigerator and on the stove.