LAV, the original and modern brand of glass, shares your snack delight with Vira snack holder. Vira, which is also suitable for small portioned snacks, will cheer your moments on the tables with its modern design and aesthetic stance.

LAV, the common brand of those who combine stylish designs with the most enjoyable moments, will add color to ice creams and desserts besides snacks with the Vira 6-piece snack set, and will be very suitable for sweet and funny moments on your tables.

Vira snack set will accompany appetisers as well as snacks with funny presentations. With its large volume, Vira is also an ideal set for olive, cheese and butter presentations at breakfast tables.

LAV Vira snack set will also accompany presentations such as delicious cakes and desserts which you will produce in your kitchen, and share your tea & coffee pleasure. Vira set, which you can also use for many alternative appetisers and food presentations, will be indispensable for the pleasant moments of delicious tables.