As a robot vacuum cleaner of Fakir Hausgeräte, Robert II RS710, takes away the sweeping job from you by its superior technology.

Robert II RS710 is the new stylish designed robot vacuum cleaner of Fakir Hausgeräte, which invests in future technologies with its innovative structure. Sweeping is now becoming practical for employees, large families and pet keepers. The robot vacuum cleaner, which allows you to vacuum from where you sit with its remote control, saves time and leaves your time to you.

Fakir Robert II RS710 provides up to 120 minutes of continuous use due to its powerful lithium-ion battery. With its sensitive sensors, it can easily reach the areas that are difficult to clean, allowing bottom corner cleaning. Sensors on the front of the device enable the early detection of obstacles, and also a safe movement within the room with furniture protection technology. Sensors located at the bottom of the device can detect the lows on the floor and prevent it from falling into stairs or other spaces. Fakir Robert II RS710, thanks to its powerful wheels and height sensor, can easily come up 1.5 cm high carpet, door sill and other obstacles. The product can also easily enter and clean under furniture and items of 9 cm and above.

Fakir Robert II RS710 with E.P.A filter beats the carpet with its double-sided brushes, loosening the dirt on the bottom and provides a deep cleaning with 500 Pa suction power. The remote controlled robot vacuum cleaner can be easily directed to the desired point with 2 speed levels. With its low sound level of 65 dB, it can be operated safely at any time of the day without disturbing the residents or neighbors.

Fakir Robert II RS710 robot vacuum cleaner is automatically charged in 5 hours by returning to the charging unit when it gives a low battery warning during cleaning thanks to its smart navigation feature. Charging station, 2 side brushes, spare filters are provided as an extra besides the cleaning accessories.

The programmable cleaning time feature of Fakir Robert II RS710 allows the device to make the sweeping job itself when you are not at home. In addition, thanks to the virtual border determination feature, you can give a command to clean the area where you want. On the days that you are outside the home, you can set the time on and then the device automatically  can start to clean the region you selected.

Fakir Robert II RS710 robot vacuum cleaner with its ergonomic 0.5 liter dust container provides a comfortable and practical cleaning by being easily emptied.