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The result of the research has been announced which was done by an independent research company. Through this survey, which was conducted face to face with 225 staff at the leading companies of hotel,  restaurant and catering branches, the brand power of Öztiryakiler was registered once more.

This research was conducted in 2 major cities within the scope of "Brand Awareness", "Best Brand", "Most Preferred Brand", "Future Purchasing Trends" and "Customer Expectations". According to the face to face surveyed results, the participants chose Öztiryakiler as the first brand, the best brand, the most preferred brand and the most powerful brand for future purchasing trends in this sector. The primary factor in customers' expectations in the survey was after-sale support services. Öztiryakiler, thanks to its most extensive service network and 7/24 Call Center service, received the highest score for customer satisfaction too.

 “The Appreciation of Our Customers Motivate Us Upwards”

yusuf öztiryakiWhile evaluating the results of the research, Öztiryakiler Chairman Yusuf Öztiryaki said that the company had a large experience in the sector since 60 years. He continued his words as follows: "We owe this success to our corporate program in which we have always targeted getting unconditional customer satisfaction and understanding the customers very well. We continue to provide services for our customers after designing, manufacturing, selling and installation in turn-key kitchens all around the world. Thus, we are not only a kitchen supplier for the customers but also a solution partner.”

Having stated that the company, as a super league player of the sector, is the leader in Turkey and is among the top 15 companies in the world. He continued so: “ Today, on the basis of our preferred elements of our clients, you can find our technological capabilities and R&D. As a registered trademark by Turkish Patent Institute, Öztiryakiler is a reflection of the values that we supply to our customers.”

"The most important indicator of being on the right track for us, is receive appreciation of our customers in our business process. The core of our R&D strategy is producing consumer-oriented, innovative, functional, ergonomic, energy and time saving products at international standards for our customers whom we consider as a member of our family in gastronomy sector.  As a company, we attach great importance to situation analysis, evaluation of our brand power from customer’s perspective and most of all the brand researches to discover the areas at which  we can improve ourselves. The received results were motivated us greatly and gave us a photo about developing areas as well. On our part, we will perform always the better of every product, every process and every operation in a more effective way. By the way, we thank our customers for adding value to our excellence in this journey.”