Obje Plastics, as one of the fastest growing manufacturers and exporters in plastics industry in Turkey, was able to enter to the kitchens of more than 25 countries in 4 continents thanks to its wide range of products and distinctive designs. The firm, bearing the stamp of “Made in Turkey”, is forging ahead on the way of becoming a major world brand.

Obje Plastics began its journey in 2007 and continues to develop itself constantly. Serving as solution partner in the projects of many companies such as Ülker, Fritolay, Esse and Coca Cola; Obje Plastics has had a bash at household products and kitchenware since the last 5 years and offers more than 200 kinds of products to the consumer taste.

Obje Plastics provides the production of household and kitchenware, promotional products and display stands with 20 injection molding machines which have the capacity of between 100 and 1100 tons. Monthly, the firm is processing 200 tons raw material for production. It is not a secret that the competition between companies is increasing day by day. During this competition, the brands which have an optimal design would make a good start. Adopting as a principle of producing high added-value products with an innovative and useful overview, Obje Plastics produces also custom designs that proposed by advertising companies or agencies. Having a team of experts in design, the company is creating original and aesthetic models working in interaction with their customers. These created models are protected under the Industrial Design Registration Certificates by the Turkish Patent Institute.

obje plastik buz kovasıObje Plastics, with a large range of products, envisages hundreds cleaning and kitchen products as well as exhibition stands for rapid consumables and also all kinds of products for promotional purposes and then puts them out. The company also aims to realize the quality and long-term projects in Turkey and abroad and also to create awareness about it. For this reason, it takes part in Ambiente (Frankfurt), HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair (Hong Kong) and Züchex Home Furnishings Exhibition (Istanbul) each year regularly. This is an opportunity to meet the potential new customers and also to get in contact with the existing customers.

Obje Plastics, being aware of the importance of export both for itself and for the country, aims to introduce “Made in Turkey brands” to the world and make them popularized. The company is proud of itself because of having reached a glorious success through getting in the houses and the kitchens not only in Turkey but also in 4 continents and in over than 25 countries. It exports 75 % of its production regularly to North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East. In addition, the US, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Algeria, Czech Republic, France, Morocco, Georgia, Italy, Iran, Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Hungary, Egypt, Nigeria, Romania, Serbia, Tunisia, Jordan and Greece are among its export destinations.