Karaca brings together those who like to spend time in the kitchen and want to prepare gourmet delicacies professionally, with the “Mutfaksever” cooking group. 

Inspired by different cultures, new recipes and special ingredients, Karaca introduces the “Mutfaksever” product group for those who love to bring the most special dishes to the tables. 

For those who want to prepare Paella from traditional Spanish cuisine for their loved ones at home, Karaca accompanies with a “Paella Pan”. However, this pan can be used not only to make Paella, but also to prepare a delicious “diced lamb fried on iron plate” on the menu of large family meals. 

Karaca does not forget the Italian taste lovers and makes it easier to enjoy pizza at home with the “Pizza Tray“. It is also possible to make traditional delicious pancakes with the pizza tray, which is designed to be used both on the stove and in the oven. Karaca calls out “Pasta Boiling Pot” and “Spaghetti Pot” for those who can not give up their taste for Italian pasta which has a well-deserved reputation across the world. Pots that offer the opportunity to strain and cook easily in a single action, will be the first choice of pasta lovers. 

Karaca also offers its very special “Mantı Pot” for the use of those looking for a different taste. This pot, which can be used for all dishes to be steamed, is also ideal to cook “split aubergines with meat filling” for chefs who cannot give up the classics… 

For indispensable flavor of breakfasts, “Pancake Pan” for pancakes, “Crepe Pan” special for crepe savior for every meal of day, “Mussel Pot” for those who want to bring the taste of mussel to their table, “Asparagus Pot” for cooking the health store asparagus in the most ideal way, Karaca offers take their place among the specialist products for the kitchen lovers.