Nurus’s ergonomic office chair Uneo designed by Martin Ballendat and that supports and maintain good posture won another prestigious prize on behalf of Turkey.    

Turkey’s leading professional furniture manufacturer Nurus’s modern stylish office chair Uneo won another prize for its design. Uneo which interacts with its user has been awarded by IF Product Design Award. With its recent success, Nurus has added a new award to its more than 50 international design awards received since 1999 and has proved one more time its timeless designs. Nurus, the company that brought Turkey the first IF Product Design and Red Dot Product Design Awards, with its more than 50 international awards exhibits its creative talent in the industry with this new design award. 

Office chair that interacts with its user

Uneo which is designed for Nurus by the world famous designer Martin Ballendat interacts with its user thanks to its Dyna-Support Plus® mechanism. Uneo that intuitively responds to a wide range of body weights from  45 to 120 kg and with its adjustable lumbar support offers healthy and comfortable sitting experience as well as multiple customizable adjustments. Uneo’s frame and armrests are manufactured as a single piece wheras its armrests can be adjusted to fit the breadth of shoulders allowing even distribution of the body weight. Thus it helps to reduce the stress and fatigue on the shoulders and neck and delivers a more comfortable working environment. Uneo is available in many colors and features a long-lasting life with its technological fabrics.