doğtaş casablanca

Casablanca Series, standing out the unique harmony of white and oak, marble and copper details, soft curves and relaxing design, is waiting for the ones who want to live A Thousand and One Night in 2000s.

Casablanca Series which is in Doğtaş’s 2016 collection and the stories in the fairy tales enliven, is blending the simple perspective of West in design with the traditional lines of east culture. Unique harmony of white and oak, marble and copper details are giving peace with soft curves.

As traditional Moroccan motif belonging to the eastern culture which reflects design story in Casablanca Series is taking part on caps and drawers with 3D effects, marble looking on the upper trays and the lines of the modules on the bump lines are the reflections of the modern style onto the traditional details. The series has round medium and hexagon side table choices in different sizes and forms that supports oriental effect by breaking with the tradition for the modules.

As multi- purpose back table for sofas are offering functionality for different aims, sideboard complying with the collection can be used both in the living rooms and in the bedrooms as make- up table. Supporting of layered structure on the TV unit with led lights is creating depth feeling.

While the sliding system wardrobe in the bedroom is offering wide and handy storage solutions with generous shelf, drawer and hangers, Moroccan motif are applied on the wardrobe glass. Traditional pouf used at the end of bedstead is referring to the authentic style.