You can make your room look larger and spacious with Kilim Mobilya’s Moda Corner Set which has strong colors and dynamic details. The Moda Corner Set is both stylish and highly functional with its high-comfort seating arrangement, the feature of being a double bed, and the box details that give the house a tidy look.

Kilim Mobilya, which has been decorating homes for 44 years, presented the Moda Corner Set with its strong colors inspired by nature, classic style and distinctive appearance. Prepared with a combination of wood and khaki colors, the product offers users the opportunity to make a choice among the rich color options according to their pleasure. The version options due to the length of the corner set allow a suitable placement possibility in every home. According to this, while you can create the corner set with a triple seating arrangement, it also offers a variety of options with a double seating arrangement. With this feature, Kilim Mobilya Moda Corner Set, which can be easily preferred in all small and large houses, provides extra storage space due to its box layout and this gives the home a tidy look.

Standing out with its highly comfortable seating structure and quilted details, Moda Corner Set provides great convenience in hosting guests with its double bed feature. Drawing attention with its decorative legs, the corner set offers a stylish look with bright patterned small pillow details.