Haluk Yıldız, the CEO of Kastamonu Entegre, which offers door panels of various models and surfaces in two different categories to the appreciation of the industry under the brand names Dorpan and Doorlam, notes that they have a daily production capacity to meet the door panel needs for interior doors of 4.000 residential units.  

Kastamonu Entegre plays a significant role in its industry and produces door panels that change the habits of consumers under the motto “The Door Opening to the World” and increasingly shows its strength and influence on the global markets on an ongoing basis.   Kastamonu Entegre, the largest player of wood based panel industry in Turkey, ranks 3rd in the world in terms of door panel production capacity.

Door panels manufactured in the door panel plant of the Company in Romania under the brand name “Dorpan” are being exported to 40 different countries from Central America to India. “Dorpan” prefabricated door panels manufactured in Europe’s second and world’s third largest door panels manufacturing plant with an annual production capacity of 19.5 million pieces of door panels continue to rise as a global brand of Kastamonu Entegre.   The brand Dorpan offers an aesthetic look with 15 figured patterns and 1 plain pattern each different from the other for each type of wood.  Dorpan models include the following, namely Anatolia, Aspendos, Assos, Perge, Simena, Side, Patara, Efes, Hitit, Artemis, Sumela, Olympos, Smirna, Truva, Bergama and Myra.   

On the other hand, Doorlam products, which are prefabricated panels coated with decorative paper on four millimeters thick MDF, reach out to customers in five different color options with their unique feature of being ready to be used after being pressed.    Doorlam door panels provide cost and time savings advantages in their applications since they don’t require any extra finishing or painting processes.  

 Haluk Yıldız, the CEO of Kastamonu Entegre, who stated that they have the KASTAMONU ENTEGREjustified pride of being a pioneer in the industry that has changed the door concept in Turkey, noted that they keep up their leading position as a brand not only setting the standards in the manufacture of doors but also raising them and continued his words by saying: “High-quality wood raw materials, all selected very carefully, high performance production based on state of the art machinery and equipment,   production under the supervision of  a highly trained expert team,  sustainability in the quality of the products offered to customers and reliability in the quality of the services provided are the main factors that lie beneath the success of Kastamonu Entegre which manufactures  products at the top level in the field of door panels in Turkey.  Dorpan products maintains its position of being the first choice with their feature of being environmentally-friendly and their rich model and dimension options and the ease of application they offer while on the other hand provide door manufacturers with  sound, efficient and fast production  opportunities and  possibilities.”