Beginning with 20 percent exportation to its activities, Iberba has reached 80 percent export to 49 countries as of today. The company, which displayed an export-oriented growth with the aim of becoming a good manufacturer in the global market, took the Chinese market to its radar this year. Iberba is planning to export 5 million dollars at the end of 2019, while it aims to reach 10 million dollars in 2023.

Focused on home furnishing

Iberba, which has increased its exports in the last two years by diversifying its markets, enhances its turnover by 80 percent annually on average. Focusing on home furnishings, Iberba operating design-oriented activities with its Ar-Ge team of 7 people. Stating that they had implemented 4 million dollars export, Iberba Chairman of the Board of Directors Ertekin Uz conveys that they plan to increase the total export to 5 million dollars by targeting Chinese market this year.

Conveying that they have already exported to 49 countries, Uz continued his words; ”We did not want to focus on a single region in exports. While Turkish market is dominated by the Middle East, as a company we are providing products to America, Canada, Sri Lanka, North Africa, South Africa, Balkan states and Europe. Instead of concentrating on a single market, we are moving forward by distributing our potential. As the world concentrates on the Chinese market, we want to take part in the Chinese market. We also attended the fair in March 2019 to analyse the market well.” Ertekin Uz, who announced the target export market China for the year 2019, added that on the other hand they will focus on America. Explaining that they aim to export 5 million dollars in 2019, Uz also stated that their targets for 2023 is to reach 10 million dollars in export turnover.

Will open 20 corner dealerships

Stating that they prefer corner dealerships instead of setting up shops in abroad, Uz expressed their desire to open 20 corners abroad in 2019. Ertekin Uz reported that they are preparing to open a corner store in Sri Lanka and Algeria as of today. Providing the information that they are also designing and producing regional, Uz stated that they work with 4 thousand 500 sets of production capacity in a modern and luxurious style. Stating that Iberba has three institutional stores which are in İzmir, Antalya and İnegöl, Uz continued his words; While we have been operating as Uz Furniture since 1960, we have increased our export activities by establishing Iberba Furniture as the second generation. We provide service with around 100 employees in the facility which is 16 thousand square meters in total.”

Makes movable furniture for boutique hotels abroad

On the other hand, providing the information that they implemented 3 boutique hotel projects only abroad, Ertekin Uz continued his words; ”We built a hotel in Lebanon last year. We are designing a 5-star hotel in Georgia this year. We produce movable furniture for hotels. ‘Indicating that they have made investments in the tourism sector, Ertekin Uz said; ”We are also going to small partnerships with their trained staff. We are being business angel for the projects of our employees who want to establish a company and we are doing contract manufacturing for ourselves. So that we do not lose our staff and create a reliable supplier network. In addition, we are planning to distribute the risk by investing in different sectors such as software and metal.”