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“Ashbury Executive Line” which Nurus, one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Turkey offers as a striking blend of innovative design and advanced technology, brings a great deal of convenience to office life. With the wireless charging area compatible with current technologies, concealable screen and electrification solutions that are integrated to office desks, Asbury meets the needs of executives.

nurus 1Considered to be among the leading furniture manufacturers in the world with its high quality designs, Nurus has started a new are in the office desk and storage categories with its “Ashbury Executive Line” designed by Stefan Brodbeck. Combining complicated solutions with simple lines, this special series comes in three options for executives who place great importance on communication. Designed by empathizing with both its owner and his/her guests, Asbury brings a great deal of convenience to work and office life with numerous technological add-ons that complement side and back cabinet alternatives that come in different sizes and in oval, asymmetrical and triangle designs.

Featuring a special design screen adjustable to the visual angle of the user, Ashbury allows its user to make presentations during spontaneous meetings. When not in use, the screen can be stored inside the cabinet by pressing a button. Wireless charging areas that can be integrated on existing desk systems that are compatible with current technologies bring a great deal of convenience to work life.

Three Different Options with the Same Technologynurus 2

Ashbury Executive Line is offered in three alternatives. With the oval, asymmetrical and triangular Ashbury offering work area for 1 to 3 users, back cabinet with 3, 4 or 5 modular units with curvy lines resembling a glass and side cabinet with 4 or 5 units, the new line offers a modern work area for the modern executive. Ashbury alternatives offer solutions for different needs using the same technology.