koleksiyon 2

Offering new designs which would contribute to reshape the business culture of future, Koleksiyon repeats its invitation intended for rethinking of Office. With Oblivion taken from REwork series which has been introduced to domestic and foreign costumers, the brand opens creative ‘gaps’ that would trigger new space experiences and movement habits. 

Designs of Koleksiyon continue to bring changes into mechanical and monotonous spaces with different perspectives. With the REwork series that emphasizes “Open Work” which brings innovative and free individual into the forefront, it reflects the inspiration of history to designs that contribute to the construction of next business culture.

koleksiyon 1Oblivion bearing the signature of Koleksiyon Brand & Design Director Koray Malhan creates flexible spaces which aims to cover the expectations of work culture with allowing creative spaces in new office plan. The creation process of Oblivion does not stop with production. Oblivion counts the user as an active participant in design process, proposing jointly designed spaces by everyone who involved in this process. This design dislocates the crowd of the work area at space center. It opens up new areas for individual purposes and non-business activities. However it creates also common spaces which is able to be used as alternative work and assembly places. Furthermore, these fields allows to lighten the stuffiness of repetitive tables in office arrangement.   

Oblivion provides work spaces as well as alternative habitats for the users with its socialize, relax and sleep models. It aims to provide the ideal space for socializing with S models (S-ocial). This includes round living units supported by the internal structure without the need of table legs. It allows enough space for socializing gained from living units to offer for the users. M models (M-ultimedi) is designed for the placement of fasteners as LED and smart phones, electronic devices such as tablets is supported by vertical aluminum beams offers the ability to control remotely. Space here is hosting as an ideal relaxation area. N model (N-apping) creates a private space for sleeping for a short time to support the work process. This space can be accompanied with service units of bed, minibar, sound systems, headphones and refreshing scents. This design is open to interpretation and has a spontaneous structure and lifecycle which creates alternative offices in office wrapped in a circular form like a beehive.