Offering delicatessen and meats from the fertile soil of Anatolia to tables, Amasya Meat Products takes its place on the shelves with 5 brand new sauces added to its product range. Sauces, which are on the radar of those who say ‘Meat dishes couldn’t be without sauce’, turn every meal into a feast of taste.

Amasya Meat Products combines the flavors of Anatolia with experience and high technology. It reveals its difference on the tables with its quality and reliable products. Amasya Meat Products introduced 5 brand new sauces that will be a must of the tables with their taste, as well as delicatessen and packaged meat products. Sauces without preservatives and additives; It consists of delicious products such as Barbecue Hot SauceCafe de Paris SauceChipotle Chilli SauceMustard Sauce and Paprika Pepper Sauce.

BARBECUE HOT SAUCEBarbecue Hot Sauce, prepared with the interpretation of Amasya Meat Products and adding flavor to the taste of meat dishes, is the indispensable taste of barbecue lovers. Thanks to its incense aroma and hot red pepper, it carries the flavor of your meals to an upper level.

CAFE DE PARIS SAUCECafe de Paris Sauce, which is one of the first sauces to come to mind when you speak about tenderloin and entrecote, is always at the top of the most used sauce list thanks to its flavor.

CHIPOTLE HOT PEPPER SAUCEChipotle Hot Pepper Sauce is an indispensable touch of meat dishes for hot lovers thanks to its hot chipotle pepper.

MUSTARD SAUCEMustard Sauce, which gets its name from the mustard plant in its content and is indispensable for sauce lovers, doubles the flavor of meat dishes..

PAPRIKA PEPPER SAUCEPaprika Sauce, which makes you feel the freshness with its taste left on the palate, is made by using carefully selected capia peppers and adds a sweet touch to meat dishes.