Delivering its snacks to more than 110 countries around the world, Saray Biscuits will be more effective in Europe as of today; because the company signed a new distribution agreement with Yayla which is also one of the largest firms in Europe. The presence of Saray Biscuits has already been more continuous and more powerful in Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden thanks to this development.

Saray Biscuits meets the consumers since 1981 with its registered brand to serve its hundreds of products in biscuit, wafer, chocolate, cake, cracker and candy snack categories. The company is progressing confidently towards being a world brand. Saray Biscuits, carrying out its activities in over 110 countries in Middle East, America and Europe, has expanded its sales network in the continent after the new distribution agreement with Yayla turning its route to Europe.

Saray Biscuits, developing a professional team with the new co-operation and a strong and effective distribution network, as well as its fast and reliable logistics, meets now more consumers in Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Denmark and Sweden on the way to continue its life as a global brand.Kamil Özdağ

Referring to goals of Saray Biscuits within the framework of the new export agreement with Yayla, Foreign Sales Director of Saray Biscuits Mr. Kamil Özdağ said that: “With our range of more than 400 products, we are meeting the consumers in lots of countries. Since the day we established, we have maintained our difference in the sector with our products and we have been even the first brand for many times. We carry over our products to more than 110 countries mainly in America, Europe and Middle East since 1987 when we set out this journey. We have also registered our brand in 120 countries. As the entire team, we give a serious attention to our job and we care uttermost about our products and consumers. Finally we raised our sights to go beyond the export target for Europe with the strategic agreement that we signed. Maintaining our operations at hundreds of sales outlets in Europe, we will continue to meet our consumers with our tasty, healthy and innovative products."