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The importance of incorporating environmentally friendly products in our lives is increasing each day. COOK protects our environment and improves the quality of life with eco-friendly products that reduce pollution. COOK Sedat Tahir Inc. takes its place in eco-friendly brands with healthy products such as COOK baking paper and fruit vegetable bags which maintain fresh food three times longer as well as bio soluble stretch film and garbage bags. 

COOK Baking Paper, which is an indispensable part of the kitchen, preferred for cooking food with full of flavor in a healthy way. Thanks to this product, food does not stick to the tray and each part is cooked equally in order to prevent it to be excessively oily or too dry. Like many plastics normal stretch takes years to dissolve from the date it is released to the nature. COOK 'Bio Soluble Stretch Film "and “Garbage Bags" can be destroyed completely within 2 years and do not harm the environment. ’Bio Soluble Stretch Film' has all the features of standard stretch films and even more and can be used safely for more direct contact or storage of all kinds of food. It could be used for storage in the refrigerator or freezer and also can be used for heating in a microwave oven. Fruit and vegetable bags which are developed as the most appropriate method of storage for fresh foods, holds fruits and vegetables fresh three times longer through the pores of the bags.

cook- gökhan tiritoğluCOOK Sedat Tahir Inc. Strategy and Business Development Coordinator Gökhan Tiritoğlu emphasized that as COOK they execute development needed projects in many areas particularly the environment, education and the social services and underlined the need to affect everyone’s share for the expansion of social awareness.