PepsiCo Turkey starts to make all its operations more efficient and effective by its new- generation digital applications. It continues to export digital applications, known as  “Dükkan Senin” and “Kazandirio” projects, from Turkey to the world. 

PepsiCo Turkey has invested in digitalisation since many years both in our region and the world and continues to create signing samples in this regard. It brings digitalization to the field with many innovative applications such as “Dükkan Senin”, “Kazandirio” and “PepSell Mobile”. 

“Dükkan Senin” application taken as a model by 5 countries 

PepsiCo put “Dükkan Senin” project into practice to build long-term relationships with grocery stores and super markets which are its customers on traditional channel. This application, as an online platform, continues to attract more and more attention every day within the global structure of PepsiCo

The platform of “Dükkan Senin“, as customer loyalty program covering 81 provinces in Turkey and was put into practice nearly 2 years ago, has been chosen as a model application in the region. Some works have already started for implementation in 5 countries. The application gives customers the opportunity to win hundreds of gifts thanks to product purchases and a variety of activities on the portal. It makes the life easier for them with standing for the benefits of 38 thousands of groceries in Turkey. 

Kazandirio selected as one of the best applications globally 

PepsiCo‘s “Kazandirio” application digitalizes the promotion processes and saves customers and employees, especially consumers, from the difficulties of collecting caps and coupons. The application has reached nearly 9 million downloads before completing its second year and been selected as one of the best applications globally. There are two different versions of the application, one for consumer and one for customer. In “Kazandirio İş” version, PepsiCo‘s corporate sales channels can manage their promotional campaigns via the digital channel. 

PepsiCo Turkey has also developed “PepSell Mobile” application to support field sales teams to make their field business processes efficient. With this application, the sales teams can perform sales by making point-based routing instantly in the field through their tablets. 

PepsiCo Turkey, which plans to continue to focus on technology investments, especially on e-commerce and digitalization fields, will continue to invest in “Dükkan Senin” and “Kazandirio” during the coming period. It will also continue to invest in Pepsell Mobile, launched this year for the salesperson’s digitalization, without slowing down.