Karali Çay, which increases the product quality with its organic tea production, guarantees food safety with its transparent production policy that respects the nature and the consumers.

Karali Çay, which started production in the Güneysu region of Rize in 2000, introduced 100% black organic tea to its consumers in 2005 as a result of long R&D studies. Karali Çay group spokesman Ahmet Karali stated that it is the first brand in the area of organic tea production in Turkey and they always provide easy access to organic tea with their bulk, teapot and glass bag packaging types.

Ahmet Karali added that, they adopt a controlled and certified agricultural production model at every stage without using yield-increasing artificial methods such as chemical agents, synthetic fertilizers, hormonal applications etc. and also without harming nature and human health.

Karali continued his speech with explaining the production differences as follows: “One of the most important features that distinguishes organic tea from other teas is the difference in fertilizers used in tea gardens. And another one is that it is obtained in the highest places where there are no factories and residential areas. Due to its geographical structure, Rize has steep slopes and a climate with high rainfall. In order to build a garden on any slope to be organic, the upper garden or the entire area must also be organic. Because the chemical residues of different gardens go down to the garden below along with the rain water. Therefore, as Karali Çay, we process our organic fields from the highest hills to the bottom in a controlled manner. In this way, we have minimized the risk of chemical residues in our products. In addition, we follow each garden with its own coordinates from the satellite by our inspector company. From the collection of the tea until the factory production area, we carry out the inspection with great care.”

Each product can be tracked with the certificate number

Stating that they pay attention not only to the production of tea but also to its packaging, Ahmet Karali also gives information about orthodox tea production: “After organic green tea leaves reach the factory production site, we increase the quality of the product with using the orthodox production model. We ensure that the vitamins in it become more permanent. This method allows the tea leaves to preserve their naturalness. Afterwards, the packaging process is carried out in automatic machines without human touch and also with taking the food safety system into account.” He shared the entire process of the products with us and completed his speech as follows: “Organic teas are packaged in separate sections in our factories, through separate processes. We can track the history of the product with only the certificate number of that lot on each packaged product. And we can share the certificate of that party with our customers if they wish. “