Maintaining its soft taste and intensive infusion until the last cup, Kızıldem is a product of Beta Tea.

Beta Food representing Turkey succesfully in international arena and having an important position in the world tea market, creates once more an unique feast for the palate with a brand new product.

Beta Food, Beta Tea added a new member to the family of superior quality traditional Turkish tea. Kızıl Dem, becoming a favorite for tea lovers thanks to ist soft taste and intensive infusion quality, is harvested by collecting the upper leaves of the tea plants which is the most valuable and most delicious vitrin001part.

Having introduced always new flavors to Turkish consumers, Beta Tea will hit a new mark in traditional Turkish taste through the new tea brand Kızıl Dem. Being produced from the upper leaves of tea plants in highest quality and in affordable prices, Kızıl Dem will be consumed with pleasure at any time of the day. Due to maintaining its freshness until the last glass, Kızıl Dem will reveal its difference for the consumers.