To feed Chinese people with bulgur wheat, Duru Bulgur  made promotional activities in China. Because of that it succeeded to be able to take place on the shelves of the nation's top 100 markets. The bulgur pilav and the bulgur dishes got a great acclaim by visitors in International Food Fair in China which were prepared by master chefs of Duru Bulgur during this fair. Duru Bulgur entered into  the menus of luxorious restaurants in China beside being sold in 100 chain-groceries.

Duru Bulgur exceeded the Great Wall of China with the aim to promote Turkish bulgur wheat in Chinese market which is healthier than traditional rice. While Korean, Japanese, Indian, Hong Kong, German, American, Italian and Turkish cuisines were being demonstrated in this fair, Duru Bulgur served traditional Turkish bulgur pilav to visitors.

İhsan DuruDuru Bulgur Chairman İhsan Duru said that Chineese people showed great interest for Duru Bulgur in in the fair that visited by 35 000 people. He spoke as follows: “Duru Bulgur exports to 51 countries and China is amongst these countries. The Chinese market is very attractive for us. The Chinese people appreciated our bulgur wheat in a short time and adopted. It is not only due to its tastiness but also its nutritiousness. The menus with Duru Bulgur are now already available on the tables of famous restaurants such as Xibei, Element Fresh and China Lounge. The Chinese order the dishes which made of Duru Bulgur.”

Ihsan Duru stated that they distribute Chinese cookbooks includes the dishes with Duru Bulgur to teach the Chinese how to cook bulgur. He added that: “When we send Duru Bulgur to China, we put leaflets in packaging containing Chinese recipes. We also prepare Chinese cookbooks. Thus, at the same time we teach the Chinese how to cook bulgur wheat. There are Duru Bulgur products in luxury grocery chains. 2 kinds of our bulgur products are sold in 100 stores in China. We are already in all our target markets and we aim to win 3 million dollars share from Chinese market due to our 5-year plan.”