Teksüt now brings together its cream cheese, which has a superior taste award, with the intense taste and aroma of cheddar cheese.

Focusing on diversifying the flavor in cream cheese, Teksüt offers a new experience to the tables. In its new product, Teksüt brings together the popular classic cream cheese with the original and intense taste of cheddar. It also stands out as Turkey’s only cheddar cream cheese served in glass packaging.

Cream cheese is one of the fields of specialization of Teksüt which is also one of the Turkey’s largest milk and dairy product organizations. Teksüt Cream Cheese, which differs with its taste, flavor and consistency, is prepared only and solely from fresh cheese. The product was awarded the Superior Taste Award by the Belgium-based International Taste Institute last year (2019). This award-winning cheese is now offered to consumers with a new flavor option as Teksüt Cheddar Cream Cheese.

Teksüt Cheddar Cream Cheese meets a significant part of the nutritional values that should be taken in the morning due to its nutritious nature. In this way, it helps to start the day energetically. It also provides both a fast and healthy alternative for evening hunger or snacking intervals.