Katla Balla, the innovative product of Balparmak, won the award of “Excellence in Packaging” in food categorie during the Worldstar 2015 awards which held on 19 May in Milano. The Worldstar 2015 is the most prominent contest about packaging in international scale. The award were accepted by Marketing Director Mrs. Burcu Yılmaz.

WPO_ODULBalparmak, the brand leader of packaged honey market, won “Excellence in Packaging Award” with its Katla Balla product during Worldstar 2015 contest which was held on 19 May in Milano by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). This is the most important competition in international area for packaging field.  

“Easy snap” is a packaging technology and Balparmak Katla Balla is the first and only product packaged with the use of this technology and designed for single use in Turkey. Balparmak Katla Balla makes it easily transported in different environments such as home, work and school to sweeten the foods and drinks in a healthy concept. Balparmak Katla Balla, with its flower and pine honey varieties are sold in packages which contains 18 and 24 products together.

The packing of Balparmak Katla Balla won the price of Asia Star 2015 and Packaging Moonstars Competition and also 4th Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards.


Altıparmak Food was established in 1980 and it is leading the development of this sector since then. It employs more than 350 workers and it includes Balparmak, Binbirçiçek and Balkovan brands in-house. With these brands, it carries everyday the health, the naturalness and the flavor to tables.

Altıparmak which differantiated by its quality standards from the other sorts, assuming the leadership of the sector in this regard. It operates due to international food safety standards and it has also the certifications such as Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 and Global Food Standard BRC. 

In additon , Altıparmak analyzes all the products that she offers to her consumers. And this analysis is made by the Turkey’s only and Europe’s most comprehensive specialized honey  laboratory APİLAB- Altıparmak Food Analysis Laboratory in accordance with the evaluation of 92 parameters.