Sagun Ödül

Group Sagun Chairman of the Board, Ahmet Tuncay Sagun, awarded with the “Japanese Ambassador Award”.

The leading aquaculture exporter company of Turkey,  Group Sagun’s chairman Ahmet Tuncay Sagun was awarded with “Japanese Ambassador Award” by Japan government , due to his contribution to strengthening  commercial and cultural relations between Turkey and Japan. At the ceremony held at the official residence of the Japanese Embassy in Ankara, Ambassador Akio Miyajima presented Mr. Sagun with the award.

Having spoken at the ceremony, Ambassador Miyajima stated that they gave the “Japanese Ambassador Award” in order to honor those who have performed significant services in areas such as the development of economic and technical cooperation, as well as strengthening friendship and goodwill relations between Japan and other countries.  Ambassador Miyajima said that he was happy to give this award to Group Sagun because of their contribution to Japan-Turkey relations. “Although Japan and Turkey are distant geographically from each other, our hearts are close to each other. That is, two states and one heart,” he stated.

“Japan is my second hometown”

Stating that he received many awards during his life, Ahmet Tuncay Sagun said “but this award has a different meaning for me”. “Our commercial relations with Japan, which started about 20 years ago by exporting tuna and salmon fish, turned into a firmly friendship over time. Japan has almost become my second hometown. It is an honor for me to be deemed worthy of this beautiful and meaningful award by the Japanese government ” he said.