Supporting public health with its products enriched with vitamin D, Muratbey produced cheese Misto in various shapes for children. While making them entertain with Misto, it also contributes to their healthy diet. 

Aiming to provide the whole world with healthy, innovative, high quality and delicious cheeses, Muratbey assumes an important function in the pandemic period for the health of children and society. With reduced salt and enriched with vitamin D, Muratbey Misto strengthens the immune systems of children. 

Muratbey Chairman of the Board, Necmi Erol, stated that every child has the right to have good nutrition and access to beneficial foods, and continued as follows: “We presented our vitamin D-enriched cheese Misto in various shapes to support healthy lives of our children. 100 grams of this product contains 5 mcg vitamin D.” 

Both healthy and funny 

Necmi Erol added that they wanted to raise awareness about child health and nutrition in all segments of society, especially in parents. Erol emphasized that they attach great importance to Misto in order to support the immunity of children against epidemic diseases. Explaining that they produced Misto with 6 different lovely animal types to make children love cheese, Erol said that cheese supports the immunity of children with its vitamin D-rich content as well. 

Further, Erol said: “Muratbey Misto meets 33% of the daily vitamin D requirement of all individuals over the age of 2 by itself. In addition to its low salty, unique taste, it also provides the extra vitamin supplement needed during the pandemic period. Due to the calcium, phosphorus, sodium and chloride minerals it contains, cheese provides protection against tooth decay, which is a common matter by children.”