Assan gıda açılış

Assan Food which is a world brand with its tomato paste, ketchup, mayonnaise and sauce production and export, continued its season-opening tradition. Besides, the farmers who fulfilled their commitments since three years, were rewarded at the opening of this year’s season.

Assan Food owned by Kibar Holding and one of the important participants in external house consumption market, exports half of its production to more than 30 countries. Assan Food held the season opening ceremony of tomato processing on July 27th, 2015 at its factory in Susurluk. 

Assan Food organizes traditional season opening ceremonies since 1998. The ceremony of this year is attended by Kibar Holding Chairman Ali Kibar, Kibar Holding CEO Tamer Saka, Board Members Ahmet Kibar, Haluk Kayabaşı and Serdar Koçtürk, also Assan Food General Manager Hakan Koçoğlu, Assan Food Factory Director Mustafa Erdoğan, Assan Food managers and professionals with many farmers from the region.

During his speech at beginning of the ceremony, Kibar Holding Chairman Ali Kibar thanked to all the farmers and workers for their efforts towards becoming a global brand.

Emphasizing that Kibar Holding is a very large family now, Ali Kibar continued his speech as follows: “Assan Food is growing rapidly in our family. We will increase our investments in food sector in next period. This year we have planned an investment of 3 million euros in our factory. Although we are a factory in Turkey with the most modern equipment in this area, we are making continuous improvements in our factories and we activate new machines. Thanks to your contribution we have took part among the top 35 tomato processing factories in 2014. Mainly to Europe, Africa, Japan and Middle East, we export about to 30 countries. This year we are also carrying out our efforts to perform more exports to another countries all around the world.” 


AssanGida_SezonAcilisi_2015-2Ali Kibar stated that a significant portion of Turkey’s total exports of ketchup is being conducted by Assan Food since many years. He reminded also that Assan Food is the preferred approved supplier for many multinational companies.

Mr. Kibar said that Assan Food is an important player of the external home comsumption in Turkey. And he added that they contributed to the development of industry in this sense. He continued his speech as follows: “

"Last year we expanded our distribution network to sell our branded products Kingtom and Colorado. As a result of this, there are our products now in almost all the cities in Turkey. Burger King and Pizza Hut are among our customers as well as many other restaurant chains. Thanks to our international experience and knowledge, our team can develop different and specific solutions quickly for the demands and needs of our customers.”