Kale Group  is one of the top Gold Stevie Reward winners 

Kale group is the winner of 4 Gold and 1 Silver “Stevie” rewards; which is considered one of the most prestigious bussiness rewards worldwide, with “The Sons of Gallipoli-Ode to Fallen Heros- Project. Thousands of projects were evaluated and Kale Group remained in the finals of 5 different catagories. The company was among the 10 companies receiving the top “Gold Stevie Awards”.

KALE GRUBU KISA FİLMMany companies and organizations worldwide competed in different categories in ‘Stevie-International Business Awards’a and there were applications from  60 different countries in many different sectors.  Stevie awards focuses on the companies performances throughout the year and their positive outcome on social lives and Kale group managed to be in the finals  with Jury desicion and received “4 Golden and 1 Silver Stevie” reward. Kale Group was the winner of “The Best Web Design”, “The Best Interface Programming / Design”,”The Best Video and Moving Visuals Use”and recieved a silver reward for “ Communication and PR Campaign / Prestigious-Brand Management’ category.  

Hande Sarantopoulos, Kale Group’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations Director states that Kale Group manages to be a pioneer in every indusry that the company operates. She adds: “We are very proud to recieve rewards in Innovational Products, Design, Application as well as Communications and brand prestige and management in a global environment.”

Hande Sarantopoulos mentioned that thanks to ‘Sons of Gallipoli”  Project they managed to voice the Gallipoli epic story worldwide via means of digital and social media power. She added Kale Groups duty of loyalty to the mother land in the 100th anniversary of Gellipoli Victory; this strategic war was digitalized, reformed into a digital documentary and was brought online to remember those sons that gave up their lives for the motherland.KALE GRUBU HANDE

Sarantopoulos , ‘Çanakkale’nin Evlatları/Sons of Gallipoli’ documentary can be seen through the link in Turkish and English versions and added: The documentary consists of 11 cheapters, 300 document archives and 38 interactive maps of the war area, prepared by an international team in a global perspective. In the Documentary a Turkish and an Anzac mother emphatize with mothers that have sent their sons to war 100 years ago and try to understand how they feel and what the war meant fort hem.”
Hande Sarantopoulos  believes that the documentary will contribute  to Çanakkale as  a symbol for city of peace. Sarantopoulos  added “We aim to go viral in social media and continue to support Sons of Gellipoli Project in digital installations.”