Creavit, one of Turkey’s global bathroom brands, is expanding its product range in line with worldwide pandemi conditions. It offers a non-contact hygiene experience in all wet locations from individual use areas to public use areas, with its photocell products.

The Creavit family of photocell products consists of photocell armatures,  photocell urinals, photocell urinal battery, photocell control panels, 3-in-1 exchange set and photocell built-in reservoir.

Photocell Armatures offer a safe and secure use by reducing contact to zero in both individual and public areas, with their stylish design and superior quality.

Photocell Urinals provide contactless and healthy use in public areas such as schools, shopping malls and hospitals where hygiene is very important.

Photocell Urinal Battery; the photocell urinal battery, which reduces the contact to zero in areas where the urinals are used, is very healthy and practical with its features such as easy mounting on surface and working with pen batteries.

Photocell Control Panels provides maximum hygiene and practicality with its electric and battery-powered model alternatives in all areas where closets are used.

The 3-in 1 Exchange Set; with the product, all mechanical built-in reservoirs become photocell. During the assembly of the product, the walls are never broken or demolished in any way. During installation, it is sufficient to integrate only the engine located inside the control panel and the reservoir in place of the bridge.

Photocell Built-in Reservoir; thanks to its smart system that adjusts the water flow according to use, it saves water and energy, and maximizes hygiene with its non-contact structure.