Peli Parke Products Were Entitled to be Marketed in EU Market

peli parke

Peli Parke, one of the Turanlar Group companies active in forest industry, paper, food and tourism sectors, have fulfilled the requirements of “CE” mark, used for procuring free circulation of products between European Union member states.

Peli Parke products, entitled to use “CE” mark after being subjected to tests in accordance with “CE” standart requirements, which is the mark of conformity to “New Approach Directives” of European Union, were entitled to be marketed in the EU Market.

It is important for manufacturers to conduct manufacturing in conformance with harmonized standards in relation to the directives, for proving conformity to “CE” mark of the products with healthy and reliable features in terms of human, animals and environment. “CE” mark, which is granted only to the manufacturers who conduct manufacturing in compliance with EU standards and directives, also encourages the manufacturer to meet with standards.

Peli Parke, fulfilling the requirements of the standard with Elegance Exclusive, Wood, City, Comfort and Wood Collection Rustik products, still continues to invest in manufacturing and R&D.