Setap Astana'da

The astana based new company’s goal is to expand its operations to cover turkic republics and some part of the asian continent. Vefa Holding’s brand offering structural steel solutions, Setap recently founded a new company called Setap Construction LLC in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Chairman of the executive committee of Vefa Holding, Turan Koçyiğit who stated that they transferred Setap’s project, production and implementation infrastructure and experience in Turkey to Kazakhstan mentioned that they plan to offer complete turn-key solutions in cooperation with local structures in Kazakhstan. Koçyiğit said: “Operating in numerous sectors ranging from industrial establishments to commercial buildings, from cultural and social facilities to logistics warehouses and hangars, Setap Construction aims to reach a revenue target of 15 million USD this year.” Stating that the company commissioned a 9.000 m2 catering facility with the capacity to serve food to 20.000 people and the 9.500 m2 paper production facility of İpek Kağıt Central Asia LLP in Kazakhstan, Turan Koçyiğit indicated that the company aims to expand its operations to cover Turkic Republics and some part of the Asian continent.

SETAP FABRİKASetap is one of the top five manufacturers in Turkey

Offering turn-key structural steel solutions with its experienced project team utilizing international standards and its manufacturing infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies rarely seen in Turkey, Setap offers complete solutions in all of the Project development, manufacturing and delivery processes thanks to its long-years of experience in the sector and its team of experts.

Turan Koçyiğit, stated that, with its manufacturing infrastructure and capacity, Setap is one of the top five manufacturers in Turkey. Kocyigit indicated that manufacturing operations are carried out at the factory in Sakarya and said “We manufacture structural steel on our fully automated, integrated and computer controlled 100 meter production line that offers measurement precision much over sector averages. Our fully automated production line was developed in the Netherlands and can process special profiles up to 15 meters individually. In addition we also have a manufacturing infrastructure that allows us to produce large-scale and multi-storey structures in Turkey thanks to our ability to integrate our current production lines.”

Turan Koçyiğit also mentioned that their projects in this area that requires only production infrastructure but also serious engineering infrastructure continue in full throttle and added that their goal is to help increase the number of multi-storey buildings constructed using structural steel in Turkey.

Special solutions fort he Chemicals and sectorsSETAP

Turan Koçyiğit stated that Setap especially focused on industrial establishments and logistics warehouses and hangars this year and said “Setap, which special solutions especially for chemicals and food production facilities, knows facilities in these two sectors very well and can offer turn-key solutions including project development to implementation phases. In addition to industrial establishments, logistics warehouses and hangars, Setap can offer turn-key solutions including project development to implementation phases, for commercial buildings and social facilities as well.”