Creavit, one of the most admired addresses for stylish bathrooms, has produced a brand new series.

Free, the largest product family of closets, washbasins and bidets in different models and colors designed by Creavit for modern bathrooms, brings together the spaces with elegance and hygiene.

Free white closets, with alternatives such as white and pearl white, are among the indispensables of plain bathrooms. Models with anthracite, cappuccino, basalt and black colors are the choice of those looking for freedom in bathroom decoration.

Free series, which also offers model alternatives according to the usage areas of the closet, meets the needs of every bathroom with its wall-hung, wall-mounted and reservoir type toilets. Creavit’s ductless closet technology with Rim-OFF, Free provides superior hygiene by eliminating the possibility of bacteria harboring. Creavit offers its users maximum comfort in wall-hung closet models of the Free family, thanks to its hot-cold water adjustable integrated bidet faucet.

The stylish lines of the Free series continue in bidet models as well. It offers freedom of choice in bathrooms with its wall-based and wall-hung bidet models. With Free series, the entire bathroom can be decorated. Free over-counter washbasin, which can be used alone or as a over-counter, completes the elegance of the series.