Pioneering the flat steel and steel pipe production in Turkey, Tosyalı Holding continues to enhance its place in the sector with its growing production power as well as investments made both on national and international level. One of the shareholders of Tosyalı Holding, Tosçe. once again maintained its leadership by ranking in second place in “Anatolia’s Top 500 Enterprises” research conducted by the Ekonomist Magazine.

Noting that their investments still continue without pausing, the Board FUAT TOSYALI Chairman of Tosyalı Holding Fuat Tosyalı stated: “Our production power is immense; we manage to turn this into a sales success in various markets. This is the crucial point that prevents us from being negatively affected by the fluctuations in the sector as well as by the crises of other markets… As Tosyalı Holding, we pursue our way with an objective to become a global actor of the steel sector. Today, we produce pipes that exceed 5 thousand meters in a minute at pipe production facilities with the biggest indoor areas of Europe. This power enabled us to be among one of those companies that primarily participated in the TANAP pipeline tender and even to undertake the majority of the work on our own. All of these achievements at the same time support our vision that aims to globally demonstrate Turkey’s power in the sector”.


Reminding that they aim to avoid dependence on foreign resources in high-tech steel products along with Tosyalı-Toyo Steel Inc. which was established in the beginning of this year, Tosyalı noted: “With this investment, we will contribute to reducing the current deficit by domestically providing for a demand that is completely being imported. With this investment, we plan to substitute the high-tech steel importation of our nation that reaches up to 500 million dollars annually. Again with this investment, we will provide supplementary export revenue of 300 million dollars for Turkey”.

Highlighting that they aim to become one of the greatest producers of Turkey and even of the region besides Anatolia as a company that operates in three continents, Fuat Tosyalı added: “For this reason, our investments continue. Finally, we opened a new wire rod and corporate profile factory in Algeria; the opening ceremony of a new integrated ‘DRI’ Iron Steel Facility also took place on the same day. Thus, our investment in Algeria reached up to 2 billion dollars. With this new investment, the annual steel production that equals to 1.6 million tons today will reach up to 4 millions in 2017”. Tosyalı continues: “As Tosyalı Holding, our objective is to produce more than 10 million tons of steel in 2020. We continue to contribute both to Turkish economy and to the economy of the region. Our exportation goal for 2023 exceeds 1.5 billion dollars. I would also like to add that our investments, enhancement of employment opportunities and contribution to Turkish economy will keep growing in the same way.